The best list of top jobs for people a little more creatively-minded.


Architects are responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of various buildings. In most states being an architect requires a Master’s Degree in Architecture. There are many other positions that are involved in the creative process that require less training. If becoming an architect is your goal, a job in construction can provide an understanding of materials and the construction process. This will help you later in the design process.

Set Designer

A set designer is the person who designs and builds the set for a play or musical. No training is required in most cases; all you need is the basic knowledge of how to construct it and the ability to paint it. This work can be per Diem or as a permanent position at a local theater.

Costume Designer

The costume designer is responsible for designing and making all the costumes for a stage production or film. Understanding of styles from specific regions or time is essential, as is the ability to sew clothing. Work can also be found just assembling someone else’s design.

Jobs For The Creative Mind

Prop Manager

The prop manager is in charge of either finding or creating the props used in theatre and film. Knowing what items are appropriate for the setting is needed as well as the ability to maintain the items over continued use.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist’s job is to apply makeup for a client in a quick and efficient manner. There are many different realms in which a makeup artist can find work. Work in a theatre setting involves creating a makeup design that can be seen by all attending. A makeup artist that works on film needs to apply makeup in a subtle way that still improves the look of the client. A makeup artist that works in modeling has a range of applications needed, depending on the photographer and company request.


There are many jobs that are incorporated into the advertising field. The following is a list and description of several of those positions.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating logos for companies or entire packaging schemes. These need to be memorable and exciting so that customers will be able to identify the company just from that logo. Good drawing skills are required and in most cases a degree in visual art or advertising is preferred.


The marketing manager is in charge of laying out the entire marketing strategy in full detail. This includes finding out potential demographics for success, demand for the product, and a pricing strategy. Many positions are supervised by the marketing manager including market research and product development personnel.

Jobs For The Creative Mind


The promotions team is run by a promotions manager. Promotions are the company’s way to increase sales by offering incentives. Many positions are available as the process of informing the consumers about the promotion are vast. Telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper, and internet ads are just a few of these. Because of this many positions are available in promotions.

Public Relations

Public relations personnel usually work in a specific area of PR. These include company health care and crisis management. This job uses a variety of different mediums to stay in contact with and provide support for the consumers and employees. Because of the many different divisions of this field it is open to a wide range of people with varying skill sets.

To reach the highest levels in the advertising field a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration is required in most cases.


Most professional artists work as a freelance artist or for themselves and open a gallery. A good aesthetic eye and an understanding of various types of media helps to keep the artist’s work fresh and creative. A degree in Art is not required but is helpful in order to fine tune your skills.

Interior Designer

An interior designer is in charge of creating a cohesive design for a specific room or entire building. A client may have a specific idea in mind and thus the designer needs to be able to adapt to their needs. An understanding of specific styles is needed and a degree in Interior Design is helpful if you’re looking to be hired by a company. It is possible to start your own business without a degree, but it is very helpful in understanding how the job works.

Jobs For The Creative Mind


Cosmetology involves cutting and styling hair, as well as providing other aesthetic services. In order to work in this field you need to get a certification from a local beauty school. Staying informed about current styles is very important. Aside from cutting and styling hair, a cosmetologist also learns to apply makeup that is client appropriate and also eyebrow sculpting. They also learn how to give a straight razor shave to men. There are many places in every community that hire cosmetologists, ranging from a corporate hair cutting chain to private and exclusive salons.


Photographers are needed by many companies, but can also work for themselves. An artistic photographer can sell their work to any number of photographers. A fashion photographer will be hired by magazines and ad agencies to get a flattering shot of their product. A wedding photographer needs to be able to accommodate a client’s needs and be able to take high quality posed as well as candid shots. To work for a company a degree in photography is essential, though a freelance photographer doesn’t need a degree.


A journalist writes for a newspaper, magazine, or website. They need to have the ability to write creatively as well as analytically. Creative writing is needed in order to keep the reader’s attention and analytical writing is needed in order to be taken seriously. A degree in Communication or Journalism is highly recommended.

TV Reporter

A television reporter reports the news in front of a camera. Good journalism skills are needed as well as communication skills. To thrive in the field one must be entertaining to watch, but also convey a sense of professionalism and intelligence. A degree in Communication or Journalism is needed in most cases to become a reporter.