German workers are extremely popular worldwide. How so? Because them virtues such as discipline, punctuality and diligence are attributed. In fact, this corresponds broadly also the truth. At the same time Germany is in surveys but unfortunately only in the middle of the most fortunate countries, in spite of our privileged existence: High prosperity, a social safety net as a hedge and peace – what do we want? It is also striking that Germany is in international comparison among the countries with the most psychosomatic clinics and “Burnout” yes almost deemed fashion disease. The reasons are many, of course, but one of them is definitely: We have forgotten the serenity. Out of sheer work we often forget to enjoy life and want the job sometimes so much that nothing at the end precedes because we are ourselves in the way.

Is Cool equal laziness?

With the word serenity many people connect the laziness, just lying in bed in the morning to stay, every half an hour to take a coffee break at work, or to work at a snail’s pace. But serenity has nothing to do with laziness. Rather, it can be equated with an inner balance. Serene People have in fact internalized the art, even in stressful situations to keep their inner peace in hectic life or in trouble. You are more emotionally stable, impartial and this makes it happier. And actually left people are often in a job successful. So it does not hurt, just once let go and find your inner calm.

Cool in a job – is that even possible?

Yes, because serenity is always a good exchange, both professionally and in private life. To live freedman would mean to finally feel less stress. In a survey of the Techniker Krankenkasse reported by 63 percent of women and 52 percent of men, to feel under time pressure, ie under stress. The result: tinnitus, insomnia, depression, stomach disorders, burnout and more .

Stress has become for many German a permanent condition. In the short term may be helpful to the well: The stress causes a constant tension and this causes the body to peak performance. This is handy if you have to flee as Neanderthals before a predator. And it is also, when at work just two pending particularly stressful days where you have to finish an important project. This mechanism mobilizes our last energy reserves and was intended by nature only for a short time, a few minutes or perhaps a few hours. No wonder then, that people who live under constant stress, sooner or later fall ill. What causes this stress at German workers, incidentally, has very different reasons:

Why it works much better with serenity

Maybe you know the self: Under Stress happen significantly more errors and accidents. Sometimes yes, one wonders even self behind “What I actually thinking?” . Usually not too much, because of the stress and the adrenaline, the blood pressure rises, the energy reserves are depleted faster and the concentration decreases. Who therefore goes calmly to work, working with higher concentrations. This is his job better quality, error-free and yet ready at the same speed. No wonder then that left people more and more quickly make a career as the stressed among us who so often, sooner or later eliminated by burnout or similar stress-related illness temporarily or even completely out of the profession. However, the survey of the Techniker Krankenkasse also showed that the stress levels of increasing responsibility and higher pay increases. The more successful you are, then, the more the composure to challenge. We therefore want now give to five useful tips and tricks on your way to a calmer:

Tip 1: strengthen self-confidence

Confident people feel less stressed. How so? Because they have less fear of creating an object is not (in time) to make mistakes or losing a job. They believe in themselves and their abilities, because you can master the work and the life tasks, and that in the end somehow all will be well. They also stuck setbacks, criticism or failure away quickly and take rejections personally less. Build your self-confidence, therefore, is an important first step towards a more relaxed lifestyle. How it works? You’ll find out in my article “strengthen confidence: tips & exercises for more self-confidence “.

Tip 2: Organization is the alpha and omega

Run a calendar, create to-do lists and follow a strict schedule you have previously set itself according to your own possibilities and limitations. The more organized you, the more relaxed you can work and combine it with your personal life. This works but of course only when the schedule is set realistically. You can henceforth namely in peace work through point by point, less distracted and are characterized as fast with your work done as under stress. Only just more relaxed, more relaxed and healthier.

The positive side effect: your work is through your improved concentration even of improved quality. This eliminates the need certainly have no more fear of denunciation and can instead allowed to start in the working day.

Tip 3: The ego is a false friend

Your so-called “Ego” is closely related to your self-confidence. Especially people with low self-confidence or inferiority complexes tend namely to react offended unduly on conflict situations. You feel after an argument, after criticism made deeply personal or a verbal attack, plotting its revenge, abuse their power or fluff up unnecessarily. This, however, no professional working is possible in the long run, you will yourself feel increasingly stressed and always provoke further conflict with your colleagues. Leave your ego at home or why banish it right all of your life. Those who have a healthy self-confidence, can be left in situations of conflict and remain authentic

Tip # 4: Forgive and forget

Nevertheless, it occurs naturally from time to time that you’re really angry at your colleagues, your manager or even yourself. Feelings are finally human. However, you should know the right time to let go. Assign your colleagues the nasty comment, forget the bad mood of your boss or forgive yourself that you have made a mistake yesterday. Train yourself in indulgence. Who is too strict to yourself and to others, the life only makes itself difficult.

Tip 5: allay fears

Psychologically relieves stress always on fears. This can fear of failure be that fear of loss, making mistakes, not to get a task done on time, prior to the termination or many other things. Fears belong to people to and are immensely important for our survival. Nevertheless, just still put this before fleeing predator prehistoric man with many fears that are unnecessary in modern times to us. For when you really think again about your fears, you will realize that most of them are totally unfounded. Even if bad things happen in life, the death of a loved one, for example, a disease or a dismissal – you could not change that anyway. It is therefore important to specifically reduce anxiety, to develop trust in life and move forward with confidence. Just that is not natural and therefore we can only recommend you to seek help if needed in this process. If you deliberately degrade alone or with a therapist your fears, your quality of life will greatly increase, both professionally and personally.

The positive cycle of serenity

So let control once go and trust the life and in themselves. Enjoy every moment, you have more fun again, you enjoy a siesta or meet up long-held dreams. Forget even the high demands on yourself, your colleagues, partner, etc. If you go calmly through life, you have a more positive and confident aura. This left people at job interviews successful, to rise in a job faster and better deal with the responsibilities and pressure to perform a successful career. True serenity – which is not exactly equated with laziness – eliciting from a virtuous cycle. The more relaxed you are, the more success you will have, the better to grow your self-confidence and the more relaxed you are, in turn, to go through life. Therefore, start now and find (back) to your composure.

What are your best personal tips and tricks for more composure at work?