Knowing the market value

In the interview, you need to assess your market value properly and know exactly how much salary you can ask for.

The negotiations on the future wages are sometimes the most difficult during the interview . You must not only know your market value, but also to estimate how many additional candidates there are for this job and how their price looks.

How much do you want the job?

Consider, for what salary you want to do exactly this job. Set yourself a limit. When it comes to your dream job, you may be satisfied with a lower wage than in a location that you do not absolutely suits. Here also play supply and demand: How much want / need the job? How strong the company is in exactly your skills depend?

Current Economic Environment

The economic situation plays a crucial role in the negotiation tactics. In times of recession careful maneuvering is called for, and you should not reflect on (to) high wage demands persist. In a boom, you can already play poker rather something.

The company is interested in you

But there is no universal approach, after all, it depends very much on the personality of the applicant. After all, the following applies: If you were invited to an interview, the company has interest in you. Try to feel how much the company you want and where the upper wage limit.

You can act in the interview

Is the place interesting, but not just your dream, you hinted in an interview that the site indeed quite like to have, but not at the offered wage. If you are not quite sure whether you want to be satisfied with the job the contemplated, so you ask one or two days to think. Underline the same but their basic interest.

The question of the ultimate reward

People will ask you safely to the current or the last wage. Be honest – you exaggerate and the company finds out that you have a fib, so you lose any chance of getting the job. In general, you should not accept any wage loss in purchasing. The times when the job changes automatically accompanied a substantial wage increase, however, are also gone.

fringe benefits

Depending on the job, you can also have additional benefits negotiate such as company car, expenses, bonuses etc..