Letter of application – Optimum division of paragraphs

The structure of paragraphs in a job application

It is perhaps the biggest challenge in preparing the application documents: Creating an appealing cover letter.

Meaningful and individually it should be, but at the same time it has to fulfill certain formal requirements. It should stand out from the crowd of good candidates and draw the attention of the potential employer to be. At the same time it must not be vague, but be formulated short and crisp. A real balancing act so that is asked of the candidates already in the compilation of your letter. For indeed, even in times of skills shortages many companies have countless really good candidates to choose from, and the cover letter is now one of the first approach, to make a good impression on the potential employer. So what to do, and how may look a good cover letter?

It starts with the structure

By letter of application you have the possibility to optimally present their own profile. The letter must to have a clear structure. Initially, the personal address is with a brief introduction, followed by a meaningful representation of the personal profile. It is rounded out by concrete examples that demonstrate why certain skills are present. At least as plausible the reason the application must be, and also a description of personal strengths should not be missed. A successful conclusion completes the cover letter, it is particularly relevant to a lasting positive impression. If the continuous structure, the building blocks of your letter to be filled with life.

The first hurdle: The Salutation

Already at the first hurdle, many applications may fail: The address must be correct, and it is strongly recommended to research the right person, and notably to address. So there are certainly companies that fail in a job advertisement on the naming of a specific name, so that the applicant must prove initiative by asking you the correct contact phone. Absolute taboo are general salutations such as “Dear Sir or Madam”, because they are proof that the applicant already countless similar applications has been launched and is basically little interest in the potential employer. The Salutation always reads thus “Dear Mr. Miller” , being also potential title should not be forgotten.

The great opportunity: The company’s profile

If it is possible, in the cover letter is a short introductory sentence ( examples of introductory sentences ) the personal profile in response to sell a big step on the way to already interview done. The profile is at the heart of writing and must therefore be very meaningful mandatory. Ultimately, this is mainly a question to be answered: Why considers itself as the perfect candidates for the awarding body. Ideally, you go to the job announcement and is point by point to concrete examples of how and why the particular requirements are met.

Are so called outstanding conceptual skills, the document is necessary, why you think you have these skills.Example: “. My conceptual strengths I could already make in many ways when creating comprehensive concepts on the following topics demonstrate” The custom profile must demonstrate why it regards itself as the suitable candidate for the position, therefore, is to this paragraph greatest care to use.

Not to be underestimated: The reason for the application

If you have successfully set the personal profile, immediately follows the next challenge: A plausible reason for the application in the respective company must be found. Particularly effective is the desire to be, with a new activity in the future to take more responsibility. Interest in a challenging remit speaks for the ambition and motivation of the candidate . Always wondered are candidates who want to be active internationally, so that even this motive is a plus in a cover letter. It is especially relevant for international and global company that keep sites abroad and are looking for suitable employees.

asked tact: The personal strengths

A representation of the personal strengths is also a must when a really good cover letter is required. There absolutely needs a bit of tact, because on one hand it is important not to overdo it, but then the individual strengths must be sold impressively plausible and occupied. Hyperbole seldom good, at the same time you have to represent good and leave a positive impression. In any case, a list of personal strengths is not enough, they must also be attended plausible. Thus, for excellent language skills on a longer-term stay abroad demonstrate analytical skills can be furnished through the processing and customized controlling figures.

Important at this point: all knowledge must necessarily be provable! It is not effective to fabricate evidence of skills, because then you have to expect, at best, with a rejection of the application, in the worst case, the default false skills has far worse consequences. So it is said: Eng remain at the truth and only report what is actually objectively demonstrate accurate and based on certificates and certificate.

The best for last: The skillful completion

A good cover letter closes with a masterful final part. He completes the writing and to make a lasting positive impression. Very effective, therefore, is a clear statement that it is pleased with the invitation to the interview. Unexplained subjunctive is out of place, a confident and unique formulation is much better at.Ideally, one ends the letter with a statement at the earliest possible starting date and an appropriate salutation.

The thing with paragraphs

So meaningful should be a cover letter, so it must be clearly structured. help heels to keep this structure. A paragraph is usually visually identified by a teaching line. It helps the reader to recognize the structure immediately and is an aid to the eye.

Overall, give an average of four heels for a good cover letter, they consist of the own profile, the base of the application, the personal strengths and the effective completion. Thus writing altogether only possible includes a page, it is necessary to concisely express and to keep the length of paragraphs within manageable limits.

What should we think of online generators?

They can be found on the Internet at some major Job boards: the application generators. Based on the individual data of the candidate’s entire application folders are compiled from the cover sheet , the resume and the cover letter are made. All application documents have to be processed manually in the aftermath so that the cover letter is personalized. The particular advantage of the generators is that all formalities are automatically adhered to so that an application should not fail because of procedural irregularities. In addition, such an application can be created in different styles, which gives a very professional touch.

Whether you want to get involved with the use of such generators, remains a matter of personal decision.In any case, it is necessary to ensure that the cover letter is individual and unique, because nothing is worse than the impression that the candidate has sent this letter to countless other companies. Therefore it is worthwhile to make a cover letter with the appropriate care and to incorporate a personal touch. Only in this way can be avoided to create an impression of a commodity, which is the death knell for any application.

Conclusion: Good work pay

As always in professional life, so it is also a good cover letter: Well worth the effort. Whoever takes the work to create a personal and professional cover letter with personal profile, application reason, the individual strengths and an effective conclusion, may hope to be invited to an interview. Then you have the chance to personally sell to the good impression the meaningful application documents have left to strengthen yet.