The career choice of becoming a librarian should be a fairly obvious one. If you are the type of person who likes a calm, quiet, stress-free atmosphere, the librarian field might be for you. If you are an avid reader and can spend your day lost in a good book (or good bookstore), becoming a librarian might be a good idea. If you are a compulsive organizer, one that makes sure everything stays in neat and tidy order, becoming a librarian might be for you. If all three of these scenarios sound like they fit your description, you should strongly consider becoming a librarian.

Librarian Resumes

First and foremost, a librarian has to be a disciplinarian. Granted, you will not have to become one of the clich – “angry librarians” who inhabits television and film, but you will have to let your visitors know that the library is a quiet place. Also, librarians need a love of books. If you do not like to read, then this would be a foolish career choice. Finally, librarians need to stay on top of cleanliness and organization.

Librarian Resumes

A proper librarian’s resume should reflect these qualities and traits. Things need to be kept simple – no anecdotes that do not pertain to the discussion. Let a potential employer know that you fill the requirements and that you are serious about keeping the library in order.

  1. Resume Template
  2. Contact Information
  3. Full Name
  4. Campus and Permanent Addresses
  5. Telephone Number(s)
  6. E-Mail Address

Librarian Resumes


You need to list any amount of education that you have received in the past. Begin with your most recent degree and continue down the line, using the format that is provided below:

Name of Institution, City, and State
Degree, Major, and Year Awarded
Grade Point Average of Degree

Librarian Resumes

When listing your education, an emphasis on success in any literature, English, or reading classes will give you a leg up on your competition. Doing well in these courses, whether just in high school or in college as well (although college is not necessarily a prerequisite for this field), will signal a love for the topic of business.

Many libraries are government-run or government-funded places. Ergo, they are institutions that are probably resistant to change. However, mentioning any goals or objectives that you have in making slight improvements within the library can catch the ear of your prospective hirer.

Librarian Resumes

If you have won any awards or have any other accolades that are not covered in the education area, mention them. As long as they are relevant to the topic of becoming a librarian (you don’t want to stretch things too much, but a little imagination will be fine, as long as you connect the dots for your prospective employer about how the award in question relates to being a librarian), they are worth mentioning. You should not be modest on a resume; no one likes a cocky person, but confidence should not be discounted.

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