It’s unfortunate that many people are working in a job that bores them to tears and has them feeling like that there’s something missing from their life, but they don’t really know what that missing ‘link’ is. Often, this is because their job does not align with their interests, their dreams, or their passion

Does your current work reflect your interests and allow you to harness your special talents? Do you love what you do? Feel worthwhile and that you are making a real difference?

Hopefully you have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions.

Living your purpose-driven career

Repetitiveness and familiarity can often cause boredom in the workplace so here are a few strategies you may wish to incorporate within your current work, to nurture your creativity and re-energise yourself.

  • Schedule some ‘you time’ into your diary, even if only for 5-10 minutes so that you can unwind and recharge your batteries.
  • Maintain a flexible approach and vary your daily schedule. Have lunch with different people. Schedule the staff meeting in another location. Invite different staff members into your meetings in order to obtain a fresh perspective during your brainstorming sessions.
  • Become involved in projects that provide you with opportunities for knowledge, growth, and a chance to meet and build relationships with other people in your workplace.
  • Avoid bending to conformity if it totally goes against your values and beliefs. Rather, share your new ideas and innovations.
  • Build a support team who also share a liking for your creative ideas. Use them as a sounding board for feedback on your initiatives.
  • Expand your thinking and options available by asking ‘what if’ when devising new solutions or ideas about current projects.

Living your purpose-driven career

Fortunately, the above strategies are enough to inject some interest and enthusiasm back into the workplace, however if you’re still struggling with that hollow, empty feeling at work it may be time to consider one of our Purposeful Career programs.

Here’s to loving your work and being passionate about your career.