Love in the workplace? Many people think this is still a real taboo. Here every third German already has experienced that it sparks between desk, meetings and copiers. And known everything is fair in love and war so allowed, right?

Are relationships prohibited in the workplace?

Although workplace relationships are frowned upon depending on the company, the employer can this not simply ban. A dismissal because of a relationship with a colleague is of course not possible. A clause in the contract is not valid from a legal perspective and violate the privacy rights of the person concerned. A clause which is but quite legal and not even so rare is that relations between workers the respective companies must be reported. An internal displacement is but with a valid justification quite possible, for example, if the work of the lovers suffering from the relationship.

Every third person is or was in love with colleagues

to prohibit the love in the workplace entirely, would in any case almost impossible. Every third German stated in a survey to have been already in love at least once in a colleague or a colleague.

Did you know that: Men in particular tend to be free to turn her head at work. Not always is it ultimately a relationship or a lifelong partnership. Nevertheless, the work is one of the largest “dating sites” of everyday life. In a paper published in Statista study reported eleven percent of respondents to have met their partner or their partner at work.

If you consider for a moment that you spend quite often 35, 40 or even 45 hours a week at work, it’s really no wonder that often develop relationships just here. This may from flirting at the Christmas party go beyond the crush on a colleague to lifelong marriage. But at what point you should make your relationship really public?

Your luck to shout to the world? Not at work!

To be (fresh) love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. You have butterflies in your stomach , can not wait to see again your / loved one / s and would like to tell the world of your new love. You can also do – in your personal circles. In a relationship at work, however, caution is advised. Sure, especially at the beginning, it is difficult to keep in the working distance of the new flame. But at the beginning are relations remains very fragile. It is therefore advisable to reflect three to six months to wait before you make your relationship publicly. So you can get to know in peace and see first if develops a serious relationship from the initial enthusiasm and plan a common future. If this is the case, you can confess at work on your relationship. That your relationship is now known, however, does not mean still that you should give free rein to your feelings at work.

Relationships can cause jealousy, envy, gossiping or bullying

Relationships can cause jealousy, envy, gossiping or bullying

Unfortunately you can now that your relationship is public, expect not necessarily mean that your happiness is shared by all colleagues. I thought you were the swarm your table neighbor and this is now injured, begins to blaspheme or to bully even? As pretty woman you have flirted with the supervisor and now allowed to listen, you would be “highly sleep” ?

Workplace relationships often involve potential conflicts, especially when the partners at different levels of the hierarchy move. It is therefore, discreetly handle the relationship in the job and to be considerate of the colleagues. Should there be conflicts or even bullying come looking early the call, switch a mediator or by asking perhaps to internal displacement. Partnerships in the same team pose namely a higher risk of conflict than with lovers in different departments. In addition, it can be a real challenge to the relationship, not only privately, but then even six, eight or ten hours a day to see at work.

10 tips for how to deal with love in job

That you love neither prevent nor may prohibit, most companies have now seen. Relationships at work are therefore easily accepted generally, many once even welcomed. Supposedly the working environment should be improved in the company characterized. This works but of course only if the couple to behave appropriately and do not constantly smooches or even argue. So how do you deal with your love in the workplace?

Tip 1: affection belongs home and not in the office. Holding hands, kissing and cuddling and constant flirting and giggling are inappropriate at work. Try to behave as normally as possible in the office, otherwise you quickly degenerate into the crossfire of the current gossip of colleagues.

Tip 2: Back off under any circumstances, but you can spend the breaks as usual with your colleagues. You and your / e Partner / in must not merge into one. Otherwise, you are at the end, perhaps there alone when the relationship should fail sometime. If you do not to be an outsider!

Tip 3: Private must remain private. You should therefore carefully consider what relationship details you wish to disclose and which are not even in friendly colleagues always. Especially for those in direct contact to your professional / r loved ones, keep private information prefer for themselves. Tell rather then your best friend from school days or the friend from the gym of the relationship problems or the exciting night of love.

Tip 4: Professionalism is the Alpha and Omega, even if it may not be always easy: Whether you have straight or dispute still mad at him / they are – in the office, you always behave professionally. You must objectively be working without wanting then deliver subliminal conflicts at work. Does not that internal displacement is perhaps the better way.

Tip # 5: Refrain nickname because “Schatzi” , “Bunny” and “Mausi” to become quickly the laughingstock of colleagues. Be honest: Would you take your boss still seriously when his girlfriend constantly him in the office “cuddly bear” called?

Tip 6: Factual criticism must sometimes be, even if you lead with the colleagues concerned or the colleague a relationship. It is important that you disconnect the private and the professional and the criticism can also accept professional. Unfortunately, not all people kritikfähig. In this case, you should talk in advance in private about the situation or also to think about an internal displacement.

Tip 7: Favor is an absolute taboo that should be both partners aware. This point is especially into play when you have a relationship on different hierarchical levels. Both partners then have to be aware that the relationship will have no impact on the career and allowed. That means the superiors / r you still need to remain objective in awarding projects, the performance review or even transport. As a partner / in on the lower hierarchy level, you are not entitled to preferential treatment because of their relationship. Thus, you must cherish any false expectations.

Tip 8: confidentiality obligations also apply lovers. Therefore Also tell your / r partner / in not intended journeys, changes in business strategy, impending mergers or other secret operation internals. Even if you want to be absolutely honest in your relationship: This is in the sense of fairness to the other employees essential and provides otherwise on a bad working atmosphere, conflicts and envy.

Tip 9: open and honest about the situation Talk. If your relationship burdened by an incident at work? Feel uncomfortable with working directly with your / r partner / in together? Do you have doubts about the relationship? Of course you should communicate in any partnership openly with each other, in the challenge, “Love in the office” which is, however, essential. However, such conversations are, of course, into the evening. For many couples, the cooperation in the long term, a stressful experience. Find therefore together the best solution for you. Many once this is the internal displacement, sometimes the company changes and other times simply starting a family and parental leave . Therefore Find out for yourself with which individual relationships and working model you feel most comfortable.

Tip 10: . When it eventually does come to separation, you should also wait and see and make sure that it is finally out on-off relationships do in fact quickly became the laughing stock of the department. Is it really over, you can tell your closest colleagues and superiors short and factual, that you have separated. Details on the reasons to keep for yourself. They should also continue to work together professionally. If this is impossible, it is important to find an individual solution. Again, there are suitable again the internal transfer.

Have you ever been in love with a colleague or a colleague? Or perhaps even lead a relationship or marriage in the office? We are anxious to hear your personal experiences and tips.