Management resumes need to convey information to the hirer or boss such that it looks professional and written by an educated person, preferably with MBA qualification and the like. You are applying for management position and possibly will be in charge of junior executives under you who maybe graduates.

Management levels are more or less senior executives with working experience and are usually older and smarter. You can also enter management level if you have studied for a few years to get that MBA degree or some post-graduate degree. Put your resume in bullet points for readability and easier to get the information across. Remember, you are selling your expertise to your interviewers, so you need to put pertinent information across for easy readability.

Management Resumes

  • Resume Template
  • Contact Information
  • Full Name
  • Campus and Permanent Addresses
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • E-Mail Address


You need to list any amount of education that you have received in the past. Begin with your most recent qualification and go to the lowest level of the line with the format that is provided here under:

Name of Institution, City, and State
Degree, Major, and Year Awarded
GPA secured in Degree

Make sure you go down to high school level. It lets the employer know of any breaks in your education.

Management Resumes

Skill Set That You Possess That Can Show You As a Manager

Do you have what it takes to manage a set of people in an organization and what gives you the edge over your competitors. Mention all of these unhesitatingly. If you have the strength to liaise with clients and the working team of professionals, mention it. Can you convey and convince top management and lowest level worker? You can highlight it. If you are good team player who is able to get subordinates and technicians to work productively let your resume do the talking. If you are skillful in handling or troubleshooting unprecedented problems-Say it in your resume. Organizations would prefer them to others. Previous Work Experience

How you have planned, organized and managed a team in your previous job. With how ease you handled your responsibilities and shouldered if any additional responsibilities as a team player that helped organization save time, money or manpower maybe highlighted here.

Projects and Accomplishments

Interviewed and recruited many technicians that helped to increase previous organization’s productivity.

Scheduled if any timelines for a project.

Delivery of projects without breaching deadlines.

Meeting budget requirements.

Slashed if any material and equipment expenses by way of negotiations and establishing valuable vendor contacts.

Developed strong employee and technician productivity and ability to identify and eliminate work hazards.

Established solid, positive, and productive work environment.

Management Resumes

Additional Skills

Mention if any of the extra skills such as computer proficiency.

Extracurriculars and Personal Information
You have already highlighted your positives that make you a strong contender for a job in Management cadre. Now highlight the other side of you that makes you a cool management person such as dancing to fast beat numbers or exercising in gym for instance. However, don’t be too much revealing and an open book of you, let the organization that hires unearth each of your interests. If you have hobbies for instance writing or designing websites, do mention, because organizations will look for multitaskers or multitalented professionals.