A good manager resume will break down your relevant work experience and show potential employers how hiring you will benefit them. Think of your resume as an advertisement. It must be concise, attractive, informative, and engaging.

As with most resumes, begin with your objective. The objective is what you’re looking for right now, not your long-term career goals. You shouldn’t necessarily have to change your objective with each position you apply for.

It should be broad enough to encapsulate each position you’re applying for, although a tweak may be required once in a while.

Manager Resume – Are You a Manager?

The most important part of any manager resume is the experience portion. This is where you list previous employment, beginning with your most recent position and working backwards.

For each position, include your job title, the company, and the dates worked. Then, under each position, list your accomplishments that are relevant to your career in management.

This is the part that may take some time. It should take some time! It’s incredibly important to specify how each job has prepared you for the one you’re seeking.

Manager Resume – Are You a Manager?

Showing what you’ve learned and how you’ve progressed tells hiring managers a lot about you, and this is what sets individual applicants apart from one another.

You can find experience relevant to management in any position you’ve worked in. For instance, if you are applying for a job managing an information technology team, pull out any experience in information technology and in leadership. Make a list of the projects you worked on in previous jobs, as well as day to day responsibilities.

Next, look at job listings for the kind of job you’d like to have. Note what employers are specifically asking for on a separate list. Now, compare your two lists.

Manager Resume – Are You a Manager?

You will likely find things that are somewhat similar, and you should get ideas as to how to word your accomplishments and experience so that they are in line with your career aspirations.

A well written manager resume will take you some time to put together. Be sure to run it by a couple of experienced friends before submitting it. Good luck with your job search!