Your LinkedIn profile is in the public domain, allowing anyone access to reading it. Chances are your LinkedIn profile will be viewed by someone from your company. Therefore, it is not advisable to announce that you are actively looking for another job. No problem–there are ways you can subtly reveal that you will consider opportunities.

Use your profile to identify your current job position and responsibilities, detail your prior work experience and express your future career aspirations. It is a good idea to post professional recommendations on your LinkedIn page. Also, join groups in your specific field of interest. Recruiters often seek out potential candidates through these groups.

How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn While Still Employed

It is important to adjust your LinkedIn account settings so that your connections won’t be notified each time you update your status or make changes to your profile. If you connect with multiple recruiters, your employer won’t notice that you recently connected to the recruiters.

How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn While Still Employed

On the other hand, don’t forget to indicate that you are interested in career opportunities and that you will accept messages from other members. If you disable these features, you’ll be much harder to contact and could lose out on job opportunities.

How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn While Still Employed

Frame your LinkedIn headline as a position statement, identifying what you do and who you do it for. It is also important to think of keywords a recruiter would use to search for people in your desired field and include them as part of your profile.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn To Market Yourself Tip 1 Your Profile

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