The basic factor about a resume is that the writer himself has to make sure to know the contents in its intrinsic detail .In other words one has to be scrupulously honest while presenting him in two or three pages of paper. To be more precise, the owner of the resume has to introspect himself about the assignment and his professional involvements. To sum up, he should know what he was doing.

A resume should not be for the purpose of resume with only imaginations and aspirations. In a straight forward understanding we can say that a good resume will originate from a committed professional irrespective of the fact that it is from marketing/sales, HRD or any other professionals. So be honest is the first and only principle. A statement can not carry legitimacy or a reasonable publicity of success is unlikely to lead to a satisfactory moral outcome.

Marketing Resumes

A resume for a career in sales/marketing has to be divided into three ways of presentation i.e. for a fresher it has to be in an eye catching manner, for an averaged experienced person in a futuristic way and lastly for a thoroughbred professional with sufficient period of hard work behind it has to be in a professional way with a no nonsense approach.

In all these three approaches basically contains the same subject matters i.e. the name, objective, experience, education, extracurricular activities and of course with a clear mention of an achievement separately or with each assignment.

Marketing Resumes

A fresher has to come up with academic excellence in his project and with whom he was associated to complete the task and the likely impact his recommendations to that particular organisation. This will be the treasured experience for a fresher.

A medium level of experienced professional has to come out his limited exposure and his commitment to the organisation he has worked for. If he can quantify his statements it is all the more appropriate. After all it has to be kept in mind that the prospective employer is looking for a long term commitment from a medium level experienced person. They will be looking for a person with whom they can trust.

Marketing Resumes

Thirdly for a well experienced person his resume has to be most professional both in appearance and expression. An employer is looking from such person to fulfil the short term and long term objectives of the organisation. Such resumes has to contain the quantified past results and how it has helped to grow the organisation.