Employee motivation techniques that have nothing to do with additional remuneration

Money can not buy happiness, goes the expression. This also applies to your employees in the company. Have you ever wondered how you can motivate your employees without promise more money for good performance?

No one is averse to a good payment, but if other factors are not correct, which often is not enough to motivate employees. Let’s look at once the means by which the other ways to motivate your employees.

Motivation through task even good performers want to be called. You must be convinced that the task they perform is important for the company.

All the tricky and interesting the task, the more Elan is plugged into the realization. The task should also technically suitable for the employee, he should be able to share his experience and his knowledge.

– Motivation through performance-oriented organizational structure. Create efficient workflow and keep the administrative burden as low as possible.

Employee motivation techniques
Employee motivation techniques

Give your employees the appropriate tools available, which corresponds to the current state of technology and keep the approval process shortly.

As an example I would like to mention a sales representative, you can motivate by if he has minimal expense reports and maximum time for customer visits.

– Motivation through good team climate. Ensure that climate prevails in the team. Often there are individuals who make it through the way you work or their traits to disturb a good team in his performance.

You must be able to detect such problem cases and to eliminate them.

– Motivation by prospects for professional growth. Ask. Every employee in view that it can professionally improve if he provides similar services Allow employees to the funds in the form of further training.

If an employee sees no possibility for a further, one can see that in his performance is consistently or weaken over time.

– Motivation by considering private needs. It is particularly important to have an open ear for the private needs of your employees. A good salary does not justify that the employees of the family is kept away by constant overtime or rigid working hours. In particular, the performance should be prioritized.

If you allow an employee, an hour earlier to go to do something private, without having to take leave, the usually rewarded with even more commitment.

The cost of these motivational techniques are usually low. Sometimes they cost absolutely nothing, but the effect is greater. You motivate your employees to good performance, but make them characterized not unhappy and do not overwhelm them.