Vital and important information for UK based people intending on immigrating to NZ. Please take the time to read this critical information.

NZ recruitment is completely different to the mass market, bums on seat approach to recruitment and employment hunting via an “Agency” often experienced in cities with millions of people; where one often becomes just another number and treated like just another bum on a seat.

It will definitely help you to understand just a little about the NZ employment scene and the recruitment industry and how that works, as this will help you with some key decisions vital for your own benefit with the job hunt / immigration process from half a world away. We have put this information together specifically for UK based people as some have never experienced a recruitment consultancy before, and often this is the first step in the long process of finding information on immigrating to the other side of the world.

Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a fairly small market place; our total population has just reached over the 4 million mark. It is vitally important that key decision makers / potential employers receive your details in the right context, with the right information, and from a credible source. Since this is possibly your first contact with us, we would like to briefly explain a few points to help you with information for your immigration and job hunt process.

Career Engineer is a leading Engineering and Technical Recruitment specialist. We are active throughout New Zealand, across most industry sectors with all technical disciplines. Our specialty is Construction / infrastructure, Civil / Structural and Technical people relating to these broad Engineering sectors.

Here at Career Engineer we do things differently to what you possibly are used to. We like and need to take the time that is initially needed via emails and phone calls to understand more about your entire needs, and the needs of your family, rather than just your need for a job for the visa / PR application. If you want to live by the beach…we can help with that. If you want to live on a mountain for skiing…we can help with that too! We take the holistic approach with the people we work with, and that takes a solid partnership understanding. When you do arrive we would like to meet you in a face to face meeting. This helps us know you better and gets you the very best possible role for the lifestyle you want to live, as well as getting you great career development opportunities… no matter where in NZ you want to settle.

We would be delighted to assist you with information and opportunities when the time comes, and would welcome the opportunity to represent you through to our clients.

NZ Industry Background

If we can, we like to take the time over tea/coffee in explaining how things are different here in NZ, and help you over the following next few weeks/month’s with all sorts of information on living and working in NZ, and generally keeping in contact with you. We will need a reasonable amount of information about you and your needs, as you will from us too and this does take a few weeks. A great website that has plenty of information on New Zealand is or visit the vast selection of other websites from the resources page on our website. Enjoy.

It’s a huge and exhilarating undertaking relocating and immigrating to another country, especially with family, stepping outside your comfort zone, leaving a good job and great friends behind. We understand this. We all have personal experience with these ourselves. We can, and we do want to help. We have well-travelled people working here, so we speak from personal experience. Our role is more than just finding you a job offer for your visa application, and to do that properly and professionally; we need to work in partnership with you over the following weeks.

Here is some industry background information that you do need to be aware of before sending your CV anywhere.

Recruitment consultancies compete against each other for first introductions. Some try and compete on speed of getting your CV to as many companies as possible because quite honestly they can’t compete on quality or service. We call these places “Agencies”.

Moving to New Zealand

Usually the first recruitment company to email a CV to the HR department or a likely employer gets the “introduction” and any resulting fee, should that company employ you via that introduction. Most agencies do not earn a penny until a client has employed you via their introduction. Hence, fierce competition amongst agencies to attract top level talent and to get the “introduction”, and this can sometimes lead to all kinds of antics that you will not be aware of from half a planet away. CVs that are hurriedly emailed with little information about you or received at employers via several sources, paints a picture to the receiving company about how that person manages their own career / life with such a huge life step. This can often minimise the best starting opportunity especially with senior roles if initial introductions are done in a sloppy / haphazard manner.

As such, we highly recommend working with only one credible recruitment consultancy, (preferably us please) so as to maximise quality introductions for you with your next career move.

Some people feel this could be too “risky” having all ones eggs in one basket so to speak, relying on just one consultancy, and we understand that reasoning too. We recommend and strongly advise if you do contact other recruitment consultancies, you ensure you have at least one professionally qualified consultant manage opportunities for you and on your behalf to potential employers. We highly recommend you only contact a few consultancies at the most, as contacting many will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve with quality opportunities.

Let us be the Benchmark

Some consultancies claim to have been operating for years and years. This isn’t anywhere near as important as the experience of the person you’re dealing directly with as sometimes the people at these places only have a few months’ work experience! There’s a lot more at stake than just finding a job for your visa application, so ensure you research consultancies’ reputations and the reputations of their consultants exceedingly well before entrusting your future with a potentially unsavoury agency.

Let us be the Benchmark

We are not in the business of scaremongering, nor do we wish to paint a “bad” picture, as most places are reasonably able to find people jobs. However, we do wish to advise you of how things can work at some places when at this stage in the contact process, you are just an email, and half a planet away… so choose wisely to maximise greater success.

We will have a vast amount of questions to ask you, as will you of us when you first send us your details. Our steps and processes will minimise all the hard work and most of the stress leading up to your arrival, and into your interviews once you are here. This takes the best part of a few weeks with swapping emails and phone calls, and helps build confidence and trust on both sides, and also gives us the opportunity to invest in the time needed to investigate answers to your myriad of likely questions, before any potential employers are approached.

We respectfully ask you to let us be the benchmark you measure everyone else’s efforts against. We are confident you will not be disappointed in making contact. Regardless of who ever you choose, we highly recommend you ensure you inform the people where you send your details to, not to send out your CV and details until you are aware of where it is going, and for what role, and until you have given your specific permission to release your confidential details.

Let us be the Benchmark

Some of the advantages of using Career Engineer exclusively are:

  • Our owner operator Darren Hatton has over 16 years of exceptional NZ / Australian “Engineering & Technical” experience, networks and well deserved reputation in the marketplace.
  • Referees are not receiving numerous requests for references.
  • Personalised ‘Kiwi-care’ philosophies in how we work with you.
  • Constant feedback.
  • Refined and selective, targeted approach to potential employers as we have extensive networks all throughout the country.
  • Often we can achieve higher starting rates at “above market rates” for a best suited individual, with our targeted approach.
  • Credible, market leader with qualified recruitment consultants.

Our website has a number of links to other websites that can provide all sorts of information on immigrating to New Zealand, and the New Zealand lifestyle. This may be of interest and value to you.

We look forward to assisting you with your requirements in your move to New Zealand, and in working with you in a “partnership” to get the very best for your efforts.

Lastly, thank you for your time. With your reply we hope we can work together, and welcome any thoughts or comment you may have. We look forward to having a tea/coffee with you sometime soon, and helping you become a great rugby fan.

Let us be the Benchmark

Go the All Blacks!

Comments from Clients

We have included some brief comments and letters of thanks from other UK Engineers that have entrusted us with making suitable first introductions for them. They are now living and working here, and loving the Kiwi lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy the read.

“I was recommended Career Engineer and found them absolutely excellent. I was treated and respected like an individual, and not like a number that can happen back in the UK with “agencies”.

I found that Career Engineer really did take the time to listen to exactly what I wanted, and they were better than others with prompt information, feedback, and with keeping in contact during the interview / hiring process.

The information provided was professional, relevant, and friendly…not sales talk.

I have been in NZ for a year now, working with the same Construction Project Management Company they introduced me to, and my career is promising and heading in the right direction. Don’t waste your time with any other recruitment company.”

Gary Board -BSc (Hons) Build.

“Having recently arrived in New Zealand from the UK, it was important to me to continue building my career as a Chartered Civil Engineer. I approached Career Engineer via their website and they organised meetings with prospective employers in anticipation of my arrival. I’m now happily settled into an exciting new role with an excellent company.

I found the team at Career Engineer friendly, professional and totally committed to finding a job that was right for me by recognising my particular needs and ambitions. I did not need to approach any other agencies. They offered sound, honest advice which not only facilitated a smooth transition into the workplace, but also helped me to settle into my new Kiwi life.

Career Engineer are more than just a Recruitment Agency, I was treated like an individual! If you are planning to move to New Zealand and work in the Engineering sector, I strongly recommend that you contact the team at Career Engineer.”

Sally Mullinger B.Eng. (Hons), C.Eng, M.I.C.E.