Music at work: More productivity or just annoying?

While in one office can be heard in the background only discreet radio sounds, is sung without restraint in the other. Music in the workplace has become in most companies to normalcy. That’s a good thing, say numerous studies claiming the music a productivity-enhancing effect. But is it really like that? Various songs may eventually be a pain.

Is music allowed in the workplace at all?

First of all, of course, is designed to ascertain whether it is in principle possible to listen to music at work.Because far from every boss looks like this left. Not a few, radio is a real eyesore and so there have been incidents several times that the supervisor went to court. Your concern: The music in the workplace ban legally. “Sorry” (or rather said: Thank God !?) are failed with this requirement.

The Federal Labor Court ruled that radios generally not prohibited in the office are. However, there are exceptions. Namely, when clients and / or colleagues are disturbed by the sounds. In this case, the accesses management powers .This means that the music in the workplace, the working behavior of employees (negatively) affected. In this case, the employer has the right to impose a ban.

In general: If employees during work listening to music and doing all in their jobs properly, there is no cause for alarm. Then they meet namely their contractual obligation . Directs the music from the other hand, so that mistakes are made, the contractual obligation is broken. Then be expected with corresponding consequences.

keyword GEMA

If music is played or performed in a public environment, so this accounts for royalties to GEMA – in short – to be paid GEMA. This provision relates primarily festivals, concerts, etc., but does it also apply to the workplace?

In brief: No, even if your office is not your private place, it is still not considered as a public space. This also applies if customers residing in the premises of your company and listen to the music. It is therefore unlikely to be high GEMA payments.

Keywords broadcasting Post

A little different is the case when it comes to the issue of broadcasting Post – formerly – goes GEZ. This fee must be paid by companies. What the payable broadcast contribution for ARD, ZDF and Germany radio fails, based on these points:

  • Number of sites
  • Number of employees
  • Number of service vehicles

Music in the workplace: Blessing or Curse?

After all the legal issues were clarified, it will now go to the specific facts. is that music at work allowed, does not signify long that everyone is excited about it. In fact, there are two camps:

  • Those who say, music at work promotes their concentration and creativity
  • Those who say, music at work is just annoying

Fact: Both are possible. Since us this statement, however, a bit too general, we now want to look a bit more closely.

The benefits of music in the workplace

Studies have shown that music can significantly increase the concentration at work. Important: The sounds have to be quiet and unobtrusive . No matter what style of music you prefer and your colleagues once the music has reached a certain noise level, they echoed literally all other thoughts. Why soft music improves concentration, can be explained as follows: The man adapts himself to what they hear. So Smooth rhythms provide a uniform way of working.

Important: Music in the workplace must never draw attention to themselves. An increase in concentration takes place only when the songs are passively perceived. Once we actively focus on the music and consume, the concentration declines again.

Another aspect that speaks on a radio at work is that music our spirits aufbesser t. We all have them: These songs that abruptly put a smile to our faces and ensure that we are doing well. No question: Good mood also affects the quality of our work. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute Leipzig found that especially our favorite music ensures that we work more focused and effective.

Other positive features of music:

  • Music relaxes and reduces stress
  • Music can reduce pain relieve
  • Music makes people happy
  • Music provides more stamina (playing sports and even in the office)
  • Music reaches us on the emotional level

The disadvantages of music in the workplace

It has already been mentioned: Once music reaches a certain noise level, it draws all our attention.Concentrated and effective work is then virtually impossible. But not only loud music , but also a frequentlychanging mix of styles and aggressive sounds ensure that we can concentrate well on our tasks us less.

As if that were not problem enough, brings music at work and an enormous potential for conflict with itself. It is about the notorious question of taste. Maybe you know what I mean when I say that it is not so easy to kill every time the taste of all colleagues with the music selection.

Thus, the office blessing not wrong depends, consider the following rules internalize and follow:

  • Ask if it’s all okay colleagues to listen to music
  • Make sure that an appropriate volume (it should never the entire building reverberate)
  • Agree on music that everyone feels in space as pleasant (you decide never over the heads of other colleagues across)
  • Sing no (loud) with
  • Always use with musical special requests Headphones

The ideal office Soundtrack

Of course, scientists have long asked the question, what kind of music is the perfect for the office. The two Americans Nick Perham and Teresa Lesiuk found for example that concentrated work best to go out of hand if one classical or instrumental music listening. Are the tasks rather stupid and / or simple in nature, it must like to be music with text. Particularly recommended are current pop songs, summer hits and all the songs that provide a good mood . If you want to let your creative spirit run wild, it is the best solution, no music to hear. Silence can be a very positive impact on the creative process of new projects.

Tip: Music then distracts usually, when we begin to focus on the text. So it can not hurt to refrain occasionally on vocals. Songs by German artists are usually treated with caution, since the deflection potential is particularly great here – after all, we easily understand what is at stake in the song and begin to us to worry about.

Spotify Playlists for more musical variety in the office

Your colleagues can be us again unable to agree on which transmitter is on the radio? How about if you just try something else. Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service for music and podcasts. The portal, which is free in the basic version and a premium version costs EUR 9.99 per month, can convince by a musical variety that is unmatched. To make it short: There is no style of music that you can not hear on Spotify.

But as if that were not recommended enough, you can discover on the streaming platform also several playlists that ensure that you are still productive and concentrated and thus are perfect for the office.

Our playlist favorites are:

  • Sound of Silence : A collection of instrumental music, classic and contemporary works combined.This playlist is ideal if you need to focus in particular degree.
  • Good Working Vibes : This playlist is full of energetic songs that do not just make a good mood, but also inspire to peak performance.
  • Workday – Pop : Who is very pleased with the selection of songs on the radio, but quickly annoyed by the chatter of the presenters, this Spotify playlist should listen. Meet acquaintances pop songs on one or the other newcomers and to be a colorful mix.
  • Music Apocalypse : An unconventional name for a great action. This playlist combines the favorite songs of countless Snapchat users. Background of this project was the question: Which songs would you save if the earth be? The result is an amazingly diverse mix, which also ensures the workplace of fresh air.

Background noise as an alternative to music

If we are the tool Spotify once, to follow at this point two more recommendations. If the silence to silence and the music is to music, it is important to find the perfect intermediate path. Many swear therefore on the targeted use of background noises. Meant are hereby not the clicking of keyboards, the hum of the copier and the conversations of colleagues , but artificial sounds that transport us to a certain extent in a different world.

Coffitivity: people who work anywhere can, it often pulls in cafes and other catering establishments. The noise here is indeed anything but quiet, but has a calming effect on many. Because of this, the toolCoffitivity different sound tracks available, which is reminiscent of the atmosphere in cafes and coffee houses. Especially nice: You can choose whether you prefer to work in a Texan Steakhouse or a Brazilian Bistro.

Noisli: This tool follows a very similar principle. Different background noise to ensure that you can concentrate better or relax. There is a choice example of thunder, rain, birds chirping and water splashing.The great thing Noisli is that you can put together your soundscape individually. Who creates a free account, also has the option of saving the mix.

Note: Both of these applications are free. They can be used both as a browser tool as well as an app.

It’s your turn now. How do you feel about the subject “Music in the workplace”? Is it a curse or a blessing? What is the recommended music for more concentrated and productive work? Perhaps you have a Spotify playlist that you want to introduce ourselves here? We look forward to your feedback and comments.

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