Whenever you send out your resume, you also need to attach resume cover letters with it. It doesn’t matter if you are sending out your resume as a response to a classified or advertisement for a specific position, or if you are sending it directly to an employer.

Resume cover letters need to communicate with the person that is receiving your resume why they should take the time to read your resume and what you have to offer their organization.

Why You Need Resume Cover Letters

A cover letter should say much, much more than just announcing you have a resume attached. Some people have the idea that this is all that needs to be mentioned in the letter.

Basically, resume cover letters tell the hirer why you are writing to them and why you are the best candidate for the position. When creating the letter, you should emphasize some of the specific skills and qualifications appropriate for the job you are applying for.

By creating outlines for your resume cover letters, you will be able to plan the items that you need to include. Here is a basic outline for your aid:

Your Address City, State, Zip

Name of employer or person who is hiring Name of Company Company City, State, Zip


Dear (name of person who is hiring):

Your beginning paragraph should grab the reader’s attention. In this paragraph, you will be telling the employer why you are writing the resume cover letter.

Make sure that you don’t relate in the first paragraph the position you are applying for. This is a great place to show why you are interested in the company and what you know about it.

The middle paragraphs should create some desire in the employer. In these paragraphs, you will advertise yourself. You should give some background information that will demonstrate your potential to be the best choice for the position.

You should be as straight-forward as you can about the type of position that you want to have. You shouldn’t have the reader playing guessing games with you about what you are interested in.

Before the closing paragraph, you will want to refer the reader to your qualifications that are contained in your resume or other attached material.

At closing, you will want to ask for action. This is the place to ask for an appointment, suggesting a time when you will contact the hiring person. You should also list here your dates of availability.


[Your Signature]

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Resume cover letters are essential when applying for a position. They give your employer a first impression of what you are about and what you can contribute to their company or organization.

Why You Need Resume Cover Letters

Why You Need Resume Cover Letters