Networking, networks and contacts - an example of how it works

Constantly we hear, one should go to networking events, networks and use his contacts for the job search . I also had no idea how it works and how to approach something. I recently had an experience that can serve as an example of, networks’ and therefore I would like to share it with you.

History & 8 practical tips:

The background:
I was on a Demo Night for tech products . There ask startups in about 5 minute long presentations to their products. In each case after that there is the possibility to ask questions and to talk with the founders. That night a was funny video app presented , which was very well received by the audience.

The next day, I have a Product Hunt Meetup visited. An event where meet people who are interested in the latest technology products. There I both met founder of Video App and chat with them. About what?

Anything, including how to learn best programming and wherein Meetup it the best burritos are. But I also mentioned that I her saw presentation on the eve have and I like their app. Also, I have told what I’ve done so far (Product Management and User Experience / User Testing) and they offered that I test their app and send them my feedback. As the Meetup drew to a close, asked one of the founders, if I do not desire and time for a coffee would . Yeah I had time!

Over coffee they asked me what I exactly in my ‘ve made previous job, what do I do and if I was looking for a job, what I would be looking for .They told their part of the development of the app and their former Freelance jobs. This resulted in three options for me. On the one hand they would one write colleagues of the well-connected , and with which I was supposed to meet me again.

Then one of them had with theproduct team worked a grown-up now startups and offered to sit down with them in conjunction. In addition, they remembered that the startup , in which they both had worked as a freelancer and where they had met, even repeatedly sought people . We then chatted even about travel plans and more jokingly threw a one, that he would know someone in Seoul at a large corporation, if I would want to work there.

After coffee, we said goodbye and I went in the next few days to test out the app. I wrote them two emails full of feedback , which they rejoiced greatly. Thereupon invited me equal to a further coffee a!

8 practical networking tips:

  • Check out events that might be interesting for you in any way. Eithercontent due to the lectures or because you there could meet people that you might be assist to find in your area for a job.
  • When you talk with someone at an event, try any to find common ground, find a, Connection ‘ ! We like people with whom you have something in common.
  • Attempt ‘to make you as a person so interesting that you will stay in memory and perhaps even one wants to spend time with you. A person who you like, you can help more. And perhaps there is also only the 2nd time the chance on your job search to speak.
  • Do not just talk about professional issues , try about other things to talk about when it comes!
  • Give and take : do I offer something, then you will also likely get something back.
  • If you promise something, keep your promise !
  • It does not always try compulsively networks , sometimes it is enough simply, if one has been at an event and can speak on another occasion about.
  • Smile! 😉

What experiences have you made on such networking events? Could you get a job through skillful networks before? Be Just a comment under this post!