Performance under the microscope

In the office, power and creativity are the A and O. But what factors influence our productivity?

Performance under the microscope“Soft factors” influence the work performance the most. This is the key finding of a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Eurupe. The scientists wanted to find out how we become more productive in the office and what inhibits our performance.

Magic word: Motivation

These “soft factors” include in particular the work motivation. Despite having very individual backgrounds for each employee, according to the experts of the Institute, the recognition of the working line and the maintenance of the atmosphere in the team is generally important in this context.

The latter highlights a study by the American pollster Gallup: So it means for individuals very much to have at least a very good friend on the team. The recognition of the work done is according to the study authors an often underestimated factor for motivation and thus also for productivity of employees.

Since the individual business use often going late seen the direct feedback to the working result is important for the internal drive.

The right balance

A good balance between work and leisure is important because productivity arises not only in the office: If you can not recover to a sufficient degree from office life, according to the Fraunhofer Institute is significantly less productive.

This is, according to the scientists, especially for middle management, ie for managers with 5 to 20 child labor. Especially in this population could fall massively by a burnout performance. Since the middle management has a decisive influence on the motivation of the individual employee, this is an additional risk.

In addition to the above factors, the influence of organization and planning, and the handling of information is crucial: productivity number one killer are according to the study that is unnecessary difficulties in the office.

These include bureaucratic hurdles, difficulties in the coordination and poor work processes. It is also important to ensure a fast and efficient, and anytime, anywhere access to information. So you can, for example, the Business-mails easily go answer.