Personal Marketing via social media - opportunities and threats

Social Media expert Henner Knabenreich of Personamarkting2Null reveals the expert interview with the career blog the job fair why personal marketing is becoming increasingly important who commit common mistakes many companies in the use of social media and how employers can maintain long-term employees to the company.

Personal Marketing via social media - opportunities and threats

The theme Personalmarketing won in recent years become increasingly important. What are the reasons, and what has changed since then in personnel work?

A major reason for the new requirements in human resources is the demographic development and the consequent shortage of skilled workers. In the company is the fact is now beginning to realize that the applicants do not come by themselves, if they are not actively courting or she does not pay attention to the company.

For many companies, HR marketing is still new territory. What are common mistakes?

A common mistake when personnel marketing is that no real audiences-talk takes place. Instead, go to the company prior to the watering can principle in which are all lumped together. But that can not work, because every audience is different and needs to be addressed accordingly. Another problem is, is that the staff really Marketing seldom strategically, but rather by way of campaign designed ad hoc.

It is estimated that every second or third job is assigned via personal contacts or recommendations. What does this mean for HR marketing?

This circumstance should the company be sure to make advantage of and appropriate programs à la “Employees Recruit Employees” put. In addition, companies should explore the opportunities of social networks like Facebook and Xing in this context.

Apropos: Many companies seek their salvation in the search for candidates in social media.When is this useful?

It makes sense if you know the objectives and target groups, and it can reach there. It is useful even if one understands the mechanisms and the peculiarities of the social web and lives. Clear must be that the whole thing lasting only works if the urgently needed resources time, staff and contents are available. Here you have the whole thing but mandatory approach with strategy and with brains. It must also know where the target group romps you, otherwise these measures quickly run into the void. Generally speaking, adapt Always the medium, do not want the media slap them the corporate posturing.

And when you should if possible leave it alone?

Stay away it is if the resources mentioned do not exist, if it was indeed imposed by target agreement or it only for the reason that “the others are attending yes”. Social media does not sometimes just incidentally. It takes time, manpower, expertise and of course the appropriate content! Namely needs of others and above all else recycled content as the eternal pabulum. And that is exactly what most companies incorrectly. You begin to sound out exactly the same messages that already annoy the audience and bored because they are not authentic. Little meaningful personnel marketing via social media, even if you do not understand Facebook & Co. and does not realize that you have to adapt to the local environment.

How do companies notice whether a Facebook fan page is a success?

The relevant factors are interaction, reach, awareness, trust and loyalty. However, the number of fans is playing only a limited role. Of course you can be happy if you have thousands of fans.However, it does not help when I get this through an iPad raffle or through Fankaufen. It is crucial to address the real community is. And to encourage them with relevant, authentic issues and to stimulate dialogue. This requires a lot of time and sustainable care. But if I convince the audience, my fans and eventually at some point the applicants are eventually safely.

Dialog, the key to success?

Yes, the success of a career Page depends on the people who are behind it. Therefore, they should make themselves known and conduct a genuine dialogue between humans together. Hiding out does not help and does not promote authentic dialogue. As proof one need only look at the majority of career sites on Facebook.

Every year in Germany there are hundreds of job fairs and career events . When is the participation in such recruiting events in personnel marketing mix make sense?

Both the Social Web as well as measuring contacts can be initiated and deepened, which then eg. Via Xing or Facebook in the sense of “Talent Relationship Management” can be maintained.Ultimately, no Facebook replace direct contact between people. Therefore, the personal contact such fairs is indispensable. But here you can and should link things together. draw attention in the Internet on the events and vice versa on the events on the websites – raise awareness – in particular the Facebook page. So you collect “real” fans.

A majority of young people are drawn to the cities. What can companies throw from the countryside into the balance in order to draw young professionals ashore?

Many companies sit at locations where others vacation. This (leisure) values must clearly communicate to the outside. A mere indication is not sufficient, but the benefits should be clearly visualized. This holds true for virtually everything. Other aspects such as recreation, rent and living costs should be thrown into the balance. Often it is also useful when companies get together and to position itself as an attractive employer an attractive region.

Personal Marketing does not stop with the recruitment of new employees, but is also aimed at the existing workforce. How can a company long-term commitment its employees?  

Both young professionals as well as long-term employees, it is not just about content, they want an attractive workplace that provides them much. Important elements are example by empowering the company, appreciation, self-affirmation and perspectives. An attractive employer offers fulfilling tasks as gyms, sports courses, health practices, healthy food in the canteen and flexible working hours and allowing to bring employees leisure, family and work in harmony.