A person involved in pharmaceutical sales holds one of the most prestigious positions of employment. These agents earn a great salary and receive major benefits all the while selling a product that is often new, groundbreaking, and advanced. What’s more? The advancing age of the baby boomers means pharmaceutical sales become a more enticing job every single day.

A pharmaceutical salesperson will work only with the most elite caliber of clientele. These agents will be dispatched around the country (often in a company plane or car) to showcase their employer’s latest product. Not only will they meet the world’s most renowned doctors, but they will also network with the jetset.

Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes

Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template

  1. Contact Information
  2. Full Name
  3. Campus and Permanent Addresses
  4. Telephone Number(s)
  5. E-Mail Address

Summary of Qualifications

In a heated competition, which is exactly what you will be getting into when applying for one of these pharmaceutical sales jobs, standing out above the rest of the pack can mean the difference between a cushy position and continued job search. Be sure to document all sales experience, including past jobs and internships; if you can include references, that’s even better. Do not spare on the adjectives either. You do not want to embellish or lie about your past, but make the experience that you have sound as glamorous and beneficial as possible. Given the contentious nature of these positions, you will need to wow the company right off the bat simply to be called into an interview.

Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes


You need to list any amount of education that you have received in the past. Begin with your most recent degree and continue down the line, using the format that is provided below:

Name of Institution, City, and State
Degree, Major, and Year Awarded
Grade Point Average of Degree

Be sure to go all the way back to high school, as there are two ways a high school degree can be beneficial on the resume:

  • You performed well in high school and sustained your excellence in college.
  • You were an underachiever in high school but worked your way towards the top in college.
  • Both aspects can look enticing to your potential employer, depending on their frame of mind.
  • Skills and Experience for Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes

Discuss the positions, both academic and work-related, that you have held in the past. Describe the aspects of the job in which you excelled. Showcase all instances in which you went above and beyond the call of duty to help your employer. Try and impart the idea that you are extremely valuable and possess a strong skill set on to your potential employer.

Extracurriculars and Personal Information

Let your employer into your life somewhat. Fill them in on any pressing information about you right off the bat hiding something in an interview that will manifest itself in the job process is not a good idea. Also, tell them about yourself. What activities did you do in high school and college? Did you volunteer? Paint a picture of your interests and hobbies to make your resume look more personal than the rest.