The definition of physical therapy: a profession that deals with the treatment and management of movement disorders that may manifest themselves throughout the human lifespan. Like any job pertaining to health, the advancing age of the baby boomers makes this a hot commodity. Job openings for this profession are filling up everywhere and paying handsomely for it.

To that end, it is only natural that the competition for these jobs is a heated affair. You have to differentiate yourself from your contemporaries if you want to get out of the job hunt early. An outstanding resume can go a long way towards helping your chances of getting a job. All of the job hunters are qualified, so what will tip the balance in your favor?

Physical Therapists Resumes

Areas of Focus

Before you set out to write up a resume, take some notes. In the same way that an outline can help consolidate thoughts before writing a large research paper, so too can outlining some main ideas that should permeate through your resume. Focal points dedicated to the following are always a good idea:

  • Skills that you possess and how they will prove to be beneficial to a career in physical therapy.
  • Areas of expertise – what strengths put you above the potential employees you are competing against?
  • Any certifications or programs that you have passed through will only help augment your resume.
  • All major accomplishments should be listed – now is not the time for modesty.

Skills and Experience

Physical Therapists Resumes

Let your employer know what your skills are. What do you excel at? How will it translate towards a career as a pharmacist? What experiences in the past have prepared you for your career, specifically one in pharmaceuticals? If you can answer these questions for your potential employer ahead of time, you will no doubt make an impression.

Create a Goal

With any resume tip, you will learn that a basic list of accolades guarantees nothing – everyone who applies for the job will have similar accomplishments. It’s the augmentation of a resume with personality that really can separate an individual. One of the best ways of doing this is identifying a goal that you have. It may not specifically mention the company, just where you might see yourself in a few years. Chances are, if you are ambitious and your goal does not conflict with the company’s goals, you will strike a lasting impression.

Talk Up Your Accomplishments

Talk Up Your Accomplishments

Do not be bashful when the time comes to write a resume. Whether it goes against your instincts, be cocky. Let your employer know that you have accomplished a lot. Let them also know that it is a good indicator as to why you are the best at the job. Find the right balance of confidence: you do not want to step on their toes by telling them how to do their job, but give them a strong indication as to why you are the best fit.


Any time you can summarize main points, do so. Try and clean up any excess clutter found on the resume. Clear, concise thoughts and a positive direction, complete with relevant segues, on a resume can represent a microcosm of the type of work you can do for the company if hired. It’s the little things that will impress the employer and give you an advantage over other potential hires.