Pokémon Go a full-time job: Can make money?

Pokémon Go a full-time job: Can make money?

Are you even the seemingly disoriented wandering people noticed that to stare mesmerized on their smartphone? Or are you even to the new generation of Pokémon trainers who are currently addicted to Pokemon Go Addiction? maybe even dreaming of being able to live on your new hobby? We’ll let you know if this is realistic or not.


What is this “Pokémon Go”?

The generation of the 90s and early 2000s is “Pokémon” certainly a term. Ash, Pikachu & Co conquered time from February 27, 1996 by Japan at a rapid pace from the entire world and triggered already at that time an absolute hype. The publisher Nintento earned with the Game Boy games on collectible card up to the television series a fortune. To date, call the little pocket monsters that can be trained and developed trapped in the meantime actually adult players a nostalgic smile and shining eyes out. No wonder, then, that the new edition of “Pokémon Go”  again attracts a worldwide hype to be, not only in children and adolescents, but even the mid-twenties to -dreißigern the world.

In addition to the cute, reminiscent in part to animals, pocket monsters but that may be due to the advanced technology:

As one of the first renowned augmented reality games the app works namely via GPS and projects the former Anime creatures in 3D directly in the real environment. If Charmander, or Jigglypuff Eevee (virtual) are suddenly in front of you, they are almost a tangible reality.

Pokémon Go is thereby expected to be only the first big hype this new “augmented reality”. Clear that as more and more people ask the question: Can I use the hype for me and in the future by Pokémon Go deny my livelihood?

Digression: “Augmented Reality” – augmented reality

“Augmented Reality” is a technical term from the media industry, which as “expand reality” is translated.This is therefore an extension of human perception by computerized additional information. In most cases, this means that visual images or videos are displayed primarily by smartphone or tablet over the real image or superimpose this. A pioneer of this technology was the popular Swedish company IKEA with a virtual room planner, by means of which can be projected via mobile devices in the room, the selected furniture. In the camera of your smartphone or tablet you can see, as the new dresser would look next to the bed.

Similarly, now is the case with the game “Pokemon Go”. The app guides you via GPS through the real streets, squares and places , while Pikachu & Co appear on your smartphone suddenly. These are then apparently really in front of you on the meadow or even on the desk and can be caught by you. While walking to the arena, for example, in the church square around the corner, you can also cause fights against other Pokémon trainers, train your pocket monsters or indeed in “Real Life” with other app users get talking.

Can make money with Pokémon Go?

Integrates with Pokémon Go the entire livelihood deny?
One question that now burns many Pokémon Go fans on the soul, is: Can be because with the new hobby and make money or even deny the entire livelihood? The game has finally not only triggered a big hype, it is also extremely time-consuming and difficult to operate successfully only in addition to a full-time job. So what if you all play at the top – will ring might eventually not only virtual, but also real wallet?Yes! We have good news for all the pocket monster fans out there: Go With Pokémon can actually make money. But how about?

Idea 1: Buy Nintendo shares

Not only in the app store, but of course also on the exchanges of Pokémon Go hype has not gone unnoticed. The Nintendo shares shot within just a few days in previously unknown spheres and doubled the total enterprise value . So if you had the release of the game on the screen and knew how to evaluate properly, could bring in incredible yields with an early investment in the shares of the game manufacturer.

But beware: At least on the stock exchange is the hype over already and for a few days, the Nintendo share commutes again on a “normal” value. Empire no longer be with the Pokémon-go stock trading so already.Are there any other ways with pocket monsters to make money?

Idea 2: increase sales by Pokémon Go

If you are owner of a restaurant, cafe or a similar company that lives by the customer traffic especially apply but for a PokéStop or an arena . From then you the customer all pay a visit on its own flock and linger, especially in the latter case also struggles a bit. To save on the one hand, expensive marketing campaigns can increase your sales on the other hand sometimes enormous.

Idea 3: Pokemon Go-cab driver

You are not happy owner of such an undertaking, but have a private car? Then schools but to the Pokémon-go taxi driver. Since the game is well known, many kilometers have to be covered, like many Pokémon Go fans abbreviate the way and thus save precious time . How would be faster than with a set of wheels?Players can conveniently make use of the WLAN module or charge their smartphone battery while driving also depending on the equipment of the car. So you can not only improve your travel budget, but also accomplish a truly good deed by deter Pokémon Go coach of himself to take the wheel. Because you know: “Do not Pokémon and Drive!”

Idea 4: Pokemon Go accounts auctioned on eBay

Up to 8,700 Euro true Pokémon Go fans are willing to pay on eBay for an account or individual rare Pokémon. That of course means that you have a big step ahead of the competition, either through the investment of time, money or expertise – but probably a mixture of all three. And there is another problem:By selling you violate the terms of use of the app so it can even happen that the highly touted Pokémon Go account is promptly turned off and go both sellers and buyers ultimately empty. So is there not a much simpler version, in order to live from Pokémon Go hype?

Idea 5: main job “Pokémon Trainer”

The ultimate realization of their dream is life as a professional Pokémon Trainer for many Pokémon Go player. Until now this was a simply impossible to fulfilling fantasy of childhood. Thanks Pokemon Go this has now changed: Actually, there are first “professional Pokémon Trainer”. They offer their services easily via eBay Classifieds to, train and catch Pokémon for their clients and go for an hourly wage of between five and 20 euros. Whether this becomes a lasting trend or also short-term hype, remains to be seen.Getting Bold, as the New Zealander Tom Currie, have already canceled their lucrative Permanent for more or less professional Pokémon hunting. At courage it seems therefore not to be lacking the Pokémon trainers. We can recommend in good conscience to this step, but unfortunately still not been and will observe once stretched further development. In this sense, “Waidmannsheil” to all Pokémon Trainer Go there!