Power Beauty successful?

Although beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder, but is not yet entirely subjective. Attractiveness researchers are in fact agree that beauty is a measurable quantity and is assessed in all strata of society, in every culture, regardless of age and gender equal. That is especially the face, so to speak, the business card of a man, are therefore always the same attributes considered beautiful.

Striking faces will surely find also admirers but the masses preferred, according to the studies of attractiveness researchers mainly average faces. The symmetry of the individual parts of the face plays the biggest role. Through the so-called morphing, in which the researchers images of real people so often copy each other, to cancel all peculiarities, an average face is created, which then finds general approval.

Beautifully = good?

Portrait of successful businesswoman and colleague on background

To what extent does beauty affect human behavior? Population surveys brought out that attractive people are assigned by their fellow men at the same time attractive properties and more competencies. In plain language this means: Beautiful student get better grades and fine professionals make more money. According to Daniel Hamermesh, researchers at the University of Texas, to good looks has the same effect on the content of such a half years work experience.

The shallowness of the economy

An example from the TV confirms this statement. A candidate from the controversial show “The Swan” made in 2005 in front of cameras tighten the chest, the judge teeth and liposuction. For four months after “transformation” the Personalsachbearbeiterin was promoted and got a salary increase . A short time later, she moved to another company and increased its content on again.

The well-known Munich Celebrity plastic surgeon Werner Mang indicates that about a third of his patients come to him to bring her career momentum.

Beauty helps career, but is not everything

While a pretty face, for example, the career easier. Whether consciously or unconsciously. Attractive candidates get more often an invitation for an interview with the same qualifications. (A document how important the application photo is!). But in the long run a good enough look alone is no longer made. To the ladder really up it, sooner or later require not only the soft skills and the so-called hard skills and personal relationships.

It can be noted also that different priorities apply in the individual work areas. So the appearance, or the whole appearance in the research, development or controlling is far less important than in the areas of sales , marketing or press. The latter live namely thereof to represent the public.

Broadcast kicks Beauty

However, career counselors advise their clients usually do not set the expectations of their own appearance too high. Although a very pretty face like points in the first moments, but once a call begins to openness, optimism and commitment all the more important. After all, most board members are not above average pretty, but above average charming – or can it be, if it matters.