Power napping

Power napping

Do you know that too? Heavy eyelids front of the screen. The concentration decreases and you can put yourself hardly concentrate on matters of daily correspondence. Possibly also the previous day at work was just as stressful and as long as the day before. Perhaps you are also just returned from the lunch break back and all the energy of hearty lunch plate is being pushed by the body in digestion. Many One wishes now only one – a bed. Power napping can help.

Powernapping - sleeping during work hours

Power napping

= Performance enhancing short sleep

Eg must Has the overtired or stressed employees hiding earlier in the lunch break somewhere in the park, just off the beaten track, where a not the boss or colleagues can meet, now German companies such as BASF, Opel or Lufthansa offer refuge for the staff at.

These islands of peace serve to briefly putting the stress can and re-energize.
But not only the performance but also the concentration and reaction speed is increased.

Not more than 30 minutes power appen!

The modern name – Powernapping – stands for the performance-enhancing power naps during the day. This is that day sleeping, which is located outside the main nightly sleep phase. The term Powernapping derives from the English words “power = force” and “nap nap =” off.

The also called Kraftnickerchen or energy Sleep “power nap” should move in a time interval between 20-30 minutes. Anything beyond that is too much. Because then the person falls into deeper stages of sleep and from this one wakes up very difficult.

Power napping at noon you healthy and frisky

According to Focus has not only demonstrated in a large study of Harvard University Boston, that the performance increases in a twenty minute power nap by up to 30 percent , but at the same time reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. According to research by NASA’s attention increases after a nap by up to 100 percent.

Abandoning rest and recuperation phases takes its toll sooner or later. So scientists suspect further that Power napping also seems to be an appropriate remedy for the burnout syndrome.

Power napping still largely frowned upon

A short power nap can significantly increase the performance. And yet, hardly anyone dares to this country to “power appending”. While there are pioneers in Germany who take this trend seriously and draw their benefits, widely used but it is not.

But what offer companies in the Far East, but also American companies for years, hopefully comes to employees in Germany to good. Schleißlich would be given the research results both in terms of staff and in the spirit of enterprise. Always drinking coffee is certainly not a healthy alternative. The biorhythm can trick nobody!

One tip, if the internal clock is not working

The danger of oversleeping the power nap is, of course, given. Not everyone can rely on the body clock. Are not you sleeping island with vibrator or nice colleagues that wake you in time, the time-honored key method can help. earlier times practice at home is best: the own keyring in your hand and position it so that it follows Newtonian laws for a power nap.

For contact mind and body in the short sleep to relax the muscles, and the key method acts like a bell when the collar falls to the ground. Then stretch briefly and take a deep breath. Otherwise, it also does the mobile radios. In this sense: Sleep well, but for only a short time.

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