Preparing a resume is very essential for getting noticed and able to get good job opportunities. Given here are few tips on preparation of resume.

Career / Employment History: This column gives the details of your job experience past and present. You should give the details in a chronological order. For example, the job you are doing in 2013 should be mentioned first. After that job details you have done in 2012, 2011, 2010 and goes on. If there is any gap between jobs, you should give the reasons in brief. The reasons should be genuine which will not deprive you of your job chances.

Preparation of Resume: Hobbies show your attitude

Educational Qualifications: There is no hard and fast rule that you should mention the details of every exam that you have passed. You should provide the details of those qualifications only that will help you in fetching the job. In this column also, you should start with the latest or the latest qualification obtained.

Computer became a household item in the present century. Even children have account in Facebook and Orkut. Don’t forget to mention your IT skills like Ms-Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc in the resume. Any other special skills like web designing, front office management etc also should be mentioned in the resume under the column ‘IT & other special skills’.

IT & Other Special Skills:

  • – Can handle Tally package efficiently
  • – Expert in making presentations

Preparation of Resume: Hobbies show your attitude

Hobbies and Abilities: Under this column, your personal details, hobbies and habits should be listed. But your prospective employer may not need all these details. But they are needed to estimate your attitude. And also these will help you in letting the employer know about your personality, leadership qualities, communication skills and others. Whatever you want to write, write briefly. You can explain them in the interview, if needed.

  • – Reading about the latest developments in software industry.
  • – Preparing projects to solve tough problems.
  • – Striving for 100 % accuracy in every project.

Preparation of Resume: Hobbies show your attitude

References: Here you have to provide the details of those who know you professionally, know your study skills, work experience, behavior, humbleness and other qualities. This list should include teachers, professors, past employers like.

Don’t forget to take the permission of those who names, phone numbers, email and other details you are giving under references in your resume. Don’t forget to write “Available on request”.

Language: If you want people to read your CV, your language must be simple and clear and attractive at the same time. Resume is like a ticket that will help you to reach the interview stage. As far as possible use simple, job related and honorable language. Also it is better not to use ‘I’. Use active verbs like achieved, collaborated, managed etc.