Private universities vs. Public universities

Private universities vs. State universities

The registrations of private universities to rise, so the result is the formation report of 2012. Since 1998, the numbers of participants have increased at private facilities by 26 percent. But where best to study better? The Job Market feels the advantages and disadvantages of private and Public universities to the tooth.

Private universities vs. State universities

make students at private universities in Germany from only 6 percent of all students. However, a clear trend for private lessons emerging.

In 2009, 4.5 percent of all students were enrolled at private universities in Germany – 2000, the proportion was just 1.2 percent. Study it at a private alma mater better than at a public university?

Tuition and registration

The annual fees 3000-10000 Euro open rather an elite part of the high school gates for private study.

Here is next to the student performance can also be expensive as their parents. But more money is still making long from any private students.

Candidates undergo a comprehensive application process, which includes interviews with psychologists and aptitude tests. An applicant for a private college must therefore invest significantly more time for the application, but can also be less successful graduates fulfill their dream of studying.

The focus in the interviews is especially on the soft skills of the candidate. If the type “man” to type “university” fits, the grade point average plays only a minor role.

About horrendous tuition students can only smile at Public universities. A Public after another abolishes tuition fees in the first degree.

Only Bavaria and Lower Saxony favor nor the payment program. The semester fee is generally at 200 to 300 euros and often involves the use of public transport. However, in the allocation of study places at Public universities alone counts the final grade.

Therefore, the waiting list for popular courses such as is medicine and law in some cases very long and includes sometimes more wait semester with a.

Organisation, supervision and equipment

Private colleges especially score through manageable student numbers, smaller learning groups and a closer contact to the lecturers.

Private students individually nurtured not only in the smaller seminars, they also get in organizing the student life more complete care. It is no secret that private institutions have, inter alia, by sponsors donate a handsome budget. Modern equipment and high-ranking international guest lecturers belong to the current standard.

Overflowing courses have long been at the state universities of everyday life: Overcrowded lecture halls and partly antique equipment complicate teaching placement.

Mass courses as economics and German allow hardly any personal contact with the teachers and let the students largely to their own fate. But therein lies also an opportunity: Students organize themselves and are driven to greater initiative.

Teaching and opportunities

Open places or empty seminars can not afford the private universities. Therefore, they are limited to individual fields such as business, tourism, health or engineering. In consultation with companies and exotic courses are offered sporadically.

The proximity to the economy is a big prestige location for private universities. While studying the students socialize through internships or guest lectures contacts with potential employers, which they can use as graduates.

The state universities have some trump cards up its sleeve. The public facilities offer a wide range of courses ranges from A like architecture to Z for zoology. Again, the students can gain practical, when they apply independently.

Many courses provide a private semester to allow students the opportunity to practical experience. Who successfully master the requirements of mass universities, also gaining market share of autonomy, assertiveness and perseverance. These key qualifications know many employers appreciate.

Verschulung and student life

Intensive care and clear design study at private universities mean especially verschulte courses.The solid study structures heat a individualists and leave less time for student life. Often, the high tuition fees restrict the budget for leisure activities an enormous.

Students at state universities can make their student life tends free. In the course of the Bologna Process learning for the next test is however more important than an individual self-study.

Especially in the crowded corridors of state educational institution quickly arises the opportunity to international acquaintances. Yet, here too: Nothing comes from nothing.

Private vs. State Colleges: Where best to study better?

Studying at a private or at a public university is fundamentally different from each other. But as a result of the Bologna reform, the universities approach each other.

Who a tightly organized study wishes with strong practical and has the necessary money, for those the private university is the right choice. Who but a more individual studying with much freedom aspires, and can not be put off by overcrowded lecture halls, should opt for a public university.

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