More productive with apps! The small 1 × 1 the online helper

More productive with apps! The small 1 × 1 the online helper


Thanks to the Internet, Apps & Co there nowadays for almost every problem with a digital solution. Need help with travel arrangements or do not know what to cook? Books are there for a long time out. And even if you have chosen because of our article to productivity for the future to be more productive, you can now actively supported by numerous online tools and apps. But what they also drive and which, however, are absolutely unnecessary? Here the basics of apps and tools for more productivity …

What makes a good app?

There are fundamental factors that should satisfy any reasonably good app absolutely. These include, for example, an intuitive interface and a high degree of user-friendliness. In addition, the app should serve no advertising or interfere with videos, solicitation and popups to control flow.

Instead, they should make the selected operation even easier, faster and less complicated. And at best, makes all this even then a lot of fun.

With the huge range in the app stores is it no wonder that more and more users lose track and ultimately prefer to use no more apps instead of spending many hours searching for a suitable, professional and user-friendly supplier. Or else, you not only know what you are actually looking for. For more productive through apps – that sounds somehow very abstract!

Do more with apps

But the opportunities to facilitate their working day by Apps to simplify and ultimately be more productive, are great. In Item to productivity in the workplace you have already learned that the Alpha and Omega is the productivity in the time savings.

The faster you complete a task, the more time you for the next or simply for an earlier closing time. You should also learn better select your tasks to delegate or, where appropriate, to throw in the trash and to put as the priorities.

You will need a comprehensive system of note book or idea lists and a calendar. But who wants always a notepad or the thick tome with all dates, ideas, to-do lists , etc. constantly carry around? The solution is simple: your smartphone, or your tablet, you have almost always there. So why not search for an all-in-one solution?

This market have also discovered the app stores for up to offer gradually more and more tools to support increased productivity. The six best productivity tools, we therefore now have for you at a glance:

1. Evernote – the all-rounder

Evernote is an app and an online tool at the same time. In principle it is nothing more than a digital notebook , but offers great extra features and automatic synchronization between the devices used to.

So you can work on the go with the iPhone in mind, and have the results later directly on your Windows machine again at hand. You can create notes, organize them, tag them or find via the search function freely.And if it has to go again quickly, you can simply record a voice memo.
Because notes are available at Evernote not only in text, but also in speech form or as a PDF. So you can choose the most convenient variant always will. To enumerate all the features of Evernote here would be a lengthy process.

Because these range from a holistic Customer Relationship Management to the possibility editorial texts and ideas to write and manage. With Evernote you can virtually only one thing: Everything.

2. Trello – the project manager

Trello is a comprehensive project management tool
The tool Trello goes one step further and is more than just a notebook. It is a comprehensive project management tool, which is based on the so-called Kanban method. Here you can add tasks to them the status of “To Do” , “Doing” or “Done” assign and invite targeted team members or clients in a project.

The complexity of Trello but also brings a disadvantage: The incorporation is less intuitive and significantly slower than our other featured apps. But the effort is worth it, especially since Trello is a free tool.

In terms of productivity is Trello has mainly specialized show the user the amount of simultaneously processed tasks. So he is to finally concentrate better organization to less different to-dos simultaneously. It can therefore more productive working on a task, mark it as “Done” and then take the next attack. For Multitasking is an absolute productivity killer.

3. Wunderlist – the Beautiful

Wunderlist is by far the best productivity app and also comes directly from Germany. The company 6Wunderkinder from Berlin has created Wunderlist a tool which mainly specializes in the creation, organization and management of to-do lists.

There are also numerous other extras, with which the competition can barely keep up: you can for example create new tasks directly from your e-mail inbox, add sites from the browser or take a note function to complete.
By hashtags find your lists easy again, they can be sorted easily and print them on demand with just one click. Then there are the “classic” functions of the To-Do Apps: deadlines, reminders and notifications.

Wunderlist can also, like Evernote, sync automatically across multiple devices. For simple task lists and small projects Wunderlist is our favorite tool because it is user-friendly, clear and finally because of its unusual design simply beautiful to look at. So making productive fun.

4. Office Suite – the Practical

You know perhaps? A colleague sent you an email a Word document and would like to hear your opinion.It’s urgent, but you are driving to your business meeting and the Annex can be on your iPhone simply not open. Office documents can be opened, edited or converted to PDF.

If desired, you can see the result then in a Dropbox, Google Drive or similar cloud upload directly.Your colleague can now continue to work quickly and you have used your travel time productively. The Office Suite should be missing on any used for business smartphone more.

5. Tyme – the must-have

Tyme is a time management app
Tyme there may have made just for the Mac, Windows users will find with “Klok” but a comparable alternative. Tyme is a must-have for productive work. Because here you retain optimal time required for an object in view, they can document and optimize permanently. All those who are paid by the hour, can also assign the times a certain project, enter their hourly rate and so automatically calculate the final price for the customer. The user interface is nice and clear, the operation proves just as enjoyable and emergency times can also be entered manually. Although you must be sure to get used to it, before and after a job to use the timer, for which you receive at the end of the month but detailed statistics of your tasks and the needed times. The time management is in the best version.

6. Pomodoro Timer – the Professional

Finally, we would like to present another tool that has been tailored to the pomodoro technique to increase productivity. This is because to divide each step into five-minute blocks. Then there is a short pause, and then comes the next block. If the task is not completed after five minutes, so you continue to work, but no more than 25 minutes. This is followed by a five minute break. After three blocks, you create a half an hour break. A simple but very effective technique that dramatically increases the increase in concentration on one task and productivity. Thanks to the Pomodoro timer you do not need it now constantly look at the clock and can plunge wholeheartedly into the work. If desired, the predetermined time can also be changed manually.

Conclusion on productivity apps

You see, there are numerous practical tools that can assist in daily work. By better organization, you can work more efficiently, have a quick overview of your tasks and keep time perfectly in the eye. So the tools are optimal support on your way to more productivity. More terrible also. This is because the tools alone will not productive. You must learn once ‘no’ to say, to set fixed telephone hours or concentrated work on a task. Have you here once found your system, so the tools are great helpers.

What are your favorite apps and tools? What do you recommend and what not? Why? We look forward to your comments, tips and tricks for more productivity …