Although project management tends to follow a prescribed process as a rule, the role of a project manager can vary greatly from company to company. Your project manager resume should show that you understand both the process of project management, and how to adapt it to different situations.

Of course, as an experienced project manager, you will hold certain certifications. Be sure these are mentioned on your resume, or if you’re in the process of certification, indicate the date on which you expect to achieve it.

Your experience and skills should highlight the varying kinds of positions you’ve held. If you’ve worked in multiple industries, highlight that as an example of your adaptability and breadth of knowledge.

Project Manager Resume

If you’ve worked on both large and small teams, that is an example of you ability to work in numerous types of team settings. Above all, draw attention to your team working skills, and your knowledge of the accepted project management process and procedures.

Your project manager resume should also give specific examples of projects and teams you’ve worked on or led. Refer to timelines, budgets, team sizes, and goals. Be sure to emphasize it if you’ve brought the project in under budget or early.

Project Manager Resume

While many people advise that resumes be limited to one sheet, it is often acceptable in today’s corporate market to present a two sheet resume. In the project manager position, it can be common.

If you prefer to limit your resume to one page, prepare some case studies (with sensitive information alluded to, only, of course!) and mention in your cover letter that you have them available.

Project Manager Resume

While it is important to give details about your experience leading projects, it is equally vital to keep your language as brief as possible. Recruiters and human resources representatives read thousands of resumes a year.

Don’t make it so long and verbose that you will bore them, or your project manager resume is likely to end up in the shredder. Resist the temptation to write long paragraphs, Keeping to no more than a few sentences per position. If you can be informative and brief at the same time, your resume will shine.