Learning and education is an extremely important area in our lives no matter what age we are. In fact, when you consider carefully, learning occurs for every one of us, each and every day and not just when we attend an educational setting, such as school or professional development seminars.

On a conscious and unconscious level, experiences and situations can cause us to develop new learning whether it be a new skill, resource, belief or feeling. A powerful NLP presupposition is when you know better, you can do better, which means that when you become aware of something, you can take the steps to improve, enhance and advance in that particular area.

Purposeful Careers through Education & Learning

Personal and professional growth is something that many people aspire to. Would that be a true reflection of you?

To discover your values and beliefs around education and learning, take a moment to answer the following questtions:

  • Where are you now in the area of Education? (note that there is much more to education than only ‘formal education’)
  • What improvements could be made to this area?
  • What is important to you when you consider Education?
  • Is there anything that may be blocking you from having specifically what you desire in this area? If so, what is it? (Even if this is just a feeling)
  • What could you do to overcome this block? What resources do you have to do this? What resources do you need to enable you to do this?
  • What will happen when you finally have achieved your Education and career goals?

Purposeful Careers through Education & Learning

Over the next month, why not keep a journal of all of the learning you have experienced over that time. At the end of the month you can see the lessons you have learned, how you have grown, and how you may strive to keep ‘doing better.’

Education and professional development is something we look at very closely within our Purposeful Careers program and is an area you should be considering within your career exploration, management and development plans.

Here’s to living your purposeful career through ongoing education and learning!