The reasons for rejections have me after my last post (on my job application rejections)  employs mentally even longer and therefore I have extensively researched and could dig some reasons that may be behind a standard abandoned or little meaningful rejection.

Reasons for decline are never spoken, but are crucial:

    1. Does not fit into the team
    2. Comical gut feeling
    3. (To be sent for example if native language is not German, but the phone or emails) Missing language skills
    4. Missing Drive / Esprit (little initiative, little interest in the job or the company;. For example, does not ask questions at the end of the interview)
    5. Missing skills
    6. Other and inappropriate corporate culture (eg when strongly influenced by the culture of the previous company)
    7. Fertility or already a mother / father
    8. Anxiety, uncertainty (not the nervousness when talking, do not worry!)
    9. Large flap, nothing behind it (eg background research, “sample-object”;. Eg childish giggles instead meaningful presentation at assessment centers)
    10. Promise / commitment is not met (for example, “sample-object”)
    11. But no budget for the place yet
    12. Sex (for example, if only men in the team, and a woman is undesirable)
    13. neglected appearance
    14. Typing and Rehctschreibfeler;) (or e-mail / letter of motivation, which can be seen due to different styles that it is a copy-paste product)
    15. Tardiness or else not very respectful behavior (eg interrupting the interviewer)

Against some reasons you can do something. For example, typos and spelling mistakes can easily be avoided by letting someone read over his application. Also the showers, and fixing before an interview is not a big task. Attention to long showers, and fixing could however be accompanied by tardiness 😉