With thousands of qualified candidates entering into the arena, it is indeed difficult to get a job. This is rather provoking certain candidates to submit fake certificates regarding qualifications, experience, salary etc at the time of interviews. Several companies are facing problems when they found out the candidates who fake high qualifications in fact lack any. Experts say why this type of incidents is taking place, why the aspirants are doing this and how the recruiters are overcoming these problems.

Increasing competition: The main reason behind these fake certificates is the ever increasing competition in all fields.

Developing technology: The technology is changing with each passing day. Before the students complete one course another one is coming. Even there is no time to them to learn every course.

Resume Preparation Tips: Don’t give false information

Brokers: Amidst all these problems, the job aspirants are becoming scapegoats to middlemen who give false assurances to the aspirants.

The companies have certain methods to identify the fake candidates and fake certificates.

Cross checking: Company officials are able to find out the fake resumes during the preliminary round itself. They are keenly checking the year of passing of any course. They are easily identifying such candidates who show that they have taken two or three trainings in one academic year. The company also checking the candidates’ details based on the contact details provided by the candidates.

Resume Preparation Tips: Don’t give false information

Interview: The recruiters are thoroughly and deeply checking the candidates who submit resumes stating that they have more experience and skills in many fields. They are asking questions on several skills to know the actual knowledge of the candidates. Even they are enquiring at the companies which the candidates quoted in their resume.
Personal details also: Experts are saying the companies also keen on the personal qualifications also. They are estimating the mentalities of the candidates by checking the personal information they have provided in the social sites are real or fake.

Agencies: It is common practice for some companies handing over the responsibility of selecting candidates to recruiting agencies. In that case, it is almost impossible to identify fake candidates. Certain companies are again depending upon other agencies to check the authenticity of the candidates.

Resume Preparation Tips: Don’t give false information

If the companies found out that candidates have provided false information, then the future of those candidates will be jeopardy. Because the companies may send the list of such candidates to other companies also.
What the candidates should do?

So it is always better for the candidates to mention their qualifications only in the resume. Don’t boast yourself regarding experience and salary. Give the exact address and phone numbers. Provide the details of those under the reference column who know you better.