A rhetoric expert has told us the strategy for a successful pitch


Authentic, with great conviction – Christoph Egger makes things right with his pitch. But then came a hard demand …

“The den of lions” is an entertainment program in the first place. The transmitter Vox brings experienced investors with young entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. That makes so much fun because experienced television rabbits encounter fresh, unused people who appear for the first time in TV.

The startups get the unique opportunity to present their concepts and business ideas to a mass audience. The tension is high and time is short before the television cameras. Much of the success of the successful founder ascribable their communication skills.  Only those who can present his idea under pressure and in short few words perfectly and still entertaining and authentic occurs, has a chance to convince investors and spectators.The renowned rhetoric expert Michael Ehlers has taken the mission under the microscope.  He is sure that the success is not so much dependent on the business idea: “An idea to sell mainly means they communicate properly in public.” We have him some questions:

How can I avoid while pitch errors in the non-verbal communication?

Practice and training – which might best with professionals. Avoid acting. Get help from rhetoric coaches with impeccable references and experience. Camera Training is essential as we are ourselves against the toughest feedback providers.Coupled with the communicative tools of the coach creates in effect a real improvement that I can watch instantly on the screen. When it comes to a pitch, the professional will go through all the difficult questions with you and you can work out the response.

Why did Christoph Egger, inventor of unbreakable glasses, with the lion’s so good?

Conviction is something visible. Egger has a firm footing, good gesture and a strict eye contact with all the lions. These are all features of the rhetoric, the train as managers. For this purpose he had well-prepared content. You can feel by his enthusiasm and pride in his product.

How his body language has changed in the harsh demand of Frank Thelen?

Egger looked down, cleared his throat and used a lot of intermediate sounds like “Um”. The experienced negotiator who has led a very successful company and sold very well, began relatively quickly, but fled in abstruse-sounding theories. He gave the impression not to mention the actual problem of the company.

What must a founder note at a pitch necessarily?

The biggest mistake is to be unprepared also from personal appearance forth both content. The following questions need answered investors clear:

  • What is the product / service?
  • Why you need this product?
  • How does it work?
  • What benefits does it offer?
  • Evidence of the benefits of the product.
  • Facts and figures on current and future business success.