A person involved in sales can have a far-ranging career. A sales executive can be anyone, from a meager man going door-to-door selling a product, barely making ends meet, to a young woman, passing out samples of a fragrance to earn some cash used when spending time with her friends, to a pharmaceutical salesperson, riding in company cars, heading to the fancies of hospitals, selling a new and innovative product, all the while networking with the elite.

Chances are that if you are applying for a position in sales that requires a resume, you are a little closer to the latter example as opposed to the first two. That is not to say you are in the running for a position with a company car. But you are definitely looking at a high-end career. As a result, your resume will need to be competitive with the other potential applicants.

Sales Resumes

Resume Tips and Examples

Another good bet is that if you are applying for a swanky job in sales, you have a lot of experience with other jobs that required you to sell a product. Perhaps in your younger days, you were more like the woman selling fragrance or the man going door-to-door. While you are no longer interested in those jobs, they will go a long way towards proving your worth to a hirer.

Sales Resumes

Highlight Previous Experiences

If you have indeed worked in sales in the past, to what extent was it? What authority did you wield? Providing answers to preceding questions before your hopeful employer can even ask them will make a good impression. Here are a few aspects to key on: Prior Responsibilities – were you in charge of a sales department? Did you have to meet a certain quota? If so, list your successes in these areas.

Sales Resumes

Achievements – did you win any awards or acclaim from your past jobs? If so, list them:

  • Did you ever have a role in creating or advertising a new product? If so, discuss.
  • Did you lend a hand in the training of new sales associates? If you did, detail this experience.
  • Do you have a history of negotiating with suppliers to earn your company more profit? If you do, you will become a very valuable prospect for your potential employer.
  • Have you spearheaded ever, new contracts that have improved business? Like number five, a yes to this question only adds to your value.
  • Have you saved any accounts that many had long left for dead? If you have, you will strike a chord with the hirer as this shows your tenacity in the sales department.

Important Note:
Do NOT list specific sales figures or company strategies. Most sales corporations or companies consider these nuggets of information as confidential. They will probably not appreciate you spilling the beans, even if it is about their competitors, and will most certainly not trust you to a salesperson in their company.