Acting refers to the skill of portraying characters or parts adapted from a book, play, short story or an original script in cinema. It includes theater, television, and films. An acting resume needs to highlight your acting skills in the best possible way. If you have participated in dramas, soaps, etc. in your entire college or professional life, you need to state the information categorically in a manner that is not cumbersome to read. Your dedication to the craft is the most important aspect of your resume. You can get maximum offers for acting if and only if you depict the fact that you are extremely passionate about your craft irrespective of your experience. Following are some examples of acting resumes.

Sample Acting Resume

Acting Resume Key Words:

  1. Maintenance of Files
  2. Efficiency in paper work
  3. Multi-tasking
  4. Efficient management
  5. Monitoring Processes

Acting Resume Format

Acting Resume Format

A clear format is essential for a good resume. It is true that information on a resume needs to be at its comprehensive best. At the same time the various facts about you, or your achievements, awards and your future aims.

Start with your basic factual details such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details (Cell number, Postal Address, etc.)

A tabular resume format is recommended for these details with a highlighted one lined summary. After that, mention your academic life under the title of “Academic Achievements”. This should also include your courses from any film institution (if any). The order needs to be in the descending order, i.e. 1990s, then 2000s.

Acting Resume Format

Then mention your “Extra Curricular Activities” right from your schooling level. This must be an impressive and honest account of activities portraying your love of the craft.

List your working experience under “Assignments”. The assignments must highlight the work, part or character that you have done or played in the respective field. Also mention the name of the directors, key people, script writers, editors, fellow actors with whom you have worked with.

After a comprehensive display of your line of work, mention your aims and the projects you are desirous of. Your aims should be in sync with your love for acting in the arenas of theater, television or films. It will be a good idea to include at least two references (name and contact numbers) of the people who have worked with you and have something good to say about you!

End the resume with a strong line of your ambition. Be modest here, and at the same time remember the adage, “Sky is the limit”. It is always advisable to end the resume with a quote or an adage you firmly believe in, or something that defines you and your dreams.

You can also have a declaration stating that the information stated in the resume is true and best to your knowledge. Follow it up with your signature. Attach a picture of yourself atop the resume.

Acting Resume Format

Key mentions:

  • Acting Institutions/ Your Training
  • Recognitions/ Awards (if any)
  • Personal Idols
  • Aim
  • Strengths

Acting Resume Conclusion

Be sure to highlight all your work profile in the realm of television, theater, or films. A strong range of experience and exposure to all these realms is necessary but in case if you are a fresher or a new kid on the block, then highlight your dedicated passion towards acting.