Advertising is one of the most creative career choices. It is meant for people with the ability to go beyond the obvious and capture the nuances of psychology of the people at large. Every product or brand that has been launched rides on the wave of its popularity. The popularity is determined by the kind of advertising that is done by the promoters or the company. If you are creative, and understand the consumer psychology well, then advertising may be your calling. Here, we share with you example of advertising resume.

If you are eyeing jobs in the advertisement sector, then you need to focus on highlighting your creative skills, hard working ability, and understanding of marketing principles, products and consumers.

Sample Advertising Resume

Advertising Resume Tips:

  1. Creativity
  2. Hard working
  3. Out-of-box thinking
  4. Consumer Psychology
  5. Marketing principles
  6. International branding
  7. Deadline oriented

Advertising Resume Template:

  • Name in Full
  • Contact details – Residential Address, Telephonic contact, e-mail address
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • CTC/ Salary last drawn, and salary expected
  • Preferences- job locations, if any
  • References
  • Signature, Date, Place

Sample Advertising Resume

Academic Qualifications

You need to maintain a timeline highlighting your academic experience. Mention the basic degree that you have done, usually it will be a Graduate degree. Mention the college and the year as well. If you have done a specialised course or a Post Graduate Diploma, or a MBA, then mention the name of the institute as well. The degrees and qualifications need to be represented in a very clear manner. You need to mention your final year percentage along with the year of passing.

Work Experience

This is the most relevant aspect of your resume. This is the tab that will be looked over by the potential employers. It will be better if you represent this information in a numerical sequence, starting from your first job or internship project. Mention the name of the person or the project co-coordinator, and your contribution towards the entire project or assignment. Describe in detail the kind of work that you have done in the field of advertising, right from conceptualising to graphic design, scriptwriting, etc. Also, highlight your best achievements till date. This could be a prize that you won in your college or during your experience as a professional. Remember that your work should highlight your unusual bent of mind and creative thinking, and mostly, it should be true.

Sample Advertising Resume

Other details

Your resume needs to mention clearly about your objective and the reasons for applying for an advertising job. You must also mention your current salary and the CTC that you are expecting from the new job. Mention your readiness for a change of a job location. Also, get at least two references with their contact details. They could be your previous employers, a project coordinator or a professor in your college, and they must have something good to say about your work in the field of advertising. Remember that your application for the advertising job must be in sync with your work profile, and all that you wish to achieve in the future. Try to make your resume very simple, comprehensive and presentable.