One of the most important characteristics of an Agriculture resume is that it needs to highlight a specific job profile. Most of the job openings want some specialised training in handling the designated job, and some times they can also have some general administrative openings. The most important thing will be to understand the job opening and then accordingly draft a resume. At the same time, if you are convinced that the organisation that you are applying to features your kind of job skills, and requirements then you can go ahead with drafting your resume without reading the job profile.

Most of the agriculture resumes will be addressed to the governmental agencies or Non Government Organisations (NGO). It is therefore, important for you to conduct some research on the agency and then draft your resume accordingly. This is the best practice to ensure maximum calls once you submit your resume to your potential employers. Here we will provide you agriculture resume example.

Sample Agriculture Resumes

Agriculture Resume Tips:

  1. Job specification
  2. Complete understanding of job profile
  3. Willingness to travel
  4. Competency in secretarial work
  5. Multi tasking

Agriculture Resume Template Tips:

  • Similar Font and Size all throughout the resume
  • Tables and bullets
  • Underlining and highlighting of titles

Sample Agriculture Resumes

The format

The first piece of information on your agriculture resume should be your full name, your residential address, email and telephonic contacts.

The second important piece is about your experience that you have had in the agriculture sector. Then mention your key skills, your strengths and capabilities with regards to agriculture and related activities. Remember that your key skills should be in sync with your qualifications and interest in the agriculture industry. Your Career Record should highlight the kind of work that you have undertaken with regards to agriculture activities and must clearly mention the nature of your job profile. If you are currently working somewhere you need to mention your current job profile and the name of the organisation in this category as well.

After the Career Record comes the category of Key Skills. You need to mention in detail the different types of skills and interests that you have in the agriculture sector and other allied activities. Remember that the prospective employers give more importance to your key skills and qualifications than any other part in the resume. This is because it is your interests and key strengths that will determine your aptitude and capability to be an expert in your field or choice of profession.

Sample Agriculture Resumes

Other Details

Mention your current and expected salary, preferred job location and the willingness to travel in case if the work profile would require that.

Agriculture Resume Conclusion

As a way of concluding your agriculture resume, mention a declaration stating that you are extremely passionate about the agriculture sector and would like to contribute in the working of the same. Also state that the information that you have mentioned in the resume is true to the best of your knowledge.

Agriculture Resume Covering Letter

Always have a covering letter accompanying your resume that talks of your intention of applying for the post. Your agriculture resume must also highlight your interests that revolve around the post in question.