Attorneys or lawyers are professionals who practice in the court of law of a peculiar legal system of a country. These professionals are highly in demand owing to their specialization in different fields like patents, copyrights, corporate law, criminal or civil law. If you are an attorney or a lawyer you need to make sure that your resume talks of your specialization at length, and coincides with your area of practice and interests.

Attorney Resume Format

The format is the most essential part of your resume. You need to ensure that the way in which the information is stated in your resume is extremely well readable, and appealing to the eyes. Following format can work for a patent attorney resume, corporate attorney resume and many more professionals.

Attorney Resume Format

You can start with the basic factual details about yourself:

  1. Full Name
  2. Residential Address
  3. Contact information: residential number, cell number
  4. Email Address

Make sure that your factual details are correct, and mention your email address only if you are very regular with checking your mails. If there is some time slot where you preferred not being called, then mention the same besides your cell number.

Academic Details

Mention your academic details in the ascending order, i.e. from your high school to your graduate or post graduate qualifications. You need to mention the year, name of the school and institution(s), year of passing out along with the degree earned respectively.

Academic Details

Most of the law firms are always looking for specific areas of specialization. Therefore, it will be a good idea to mention the areas that make for your core competency. Usually the area of practice is only one as law colleges offer you one choice of specialization, but then you can mention two or three areas that comprise of your interests and expertise.

Extra-curricular activities

Most of the law colleges and institutions have a lot of extra curricular activities like Moot court competitions at the national and international levels. It makes for a good career record in case if you have participated in these moot court competitions. Make sure that you mention these details and the awards won by you or your college (when you had participated), if you had taken an active part in these competitions. These will highlight your researching ability and speaking skills. Mention any other achievement during your college years, if any.

Attorney Resume Work Experience

Usually law colleges have a campus recruitment facility, and this section remains blank. But in case if you are looking for a career jump, then this is the most important category in your resume. Mention the jobs that you have handled right after passing out your law college. Also mention the title of the job, and then mention the details of the tasks handled, and nature of the activity undertaken by you. Make sure that you outline every aspect of your job, even if that includes primary drafting or researching, as these are the key skills imperative to any attorney/ lawyer.

Attorney Resume Work Experience

Your track record must state overall that your interests and key areas of specialization in different fields have been similar. It must also follow one line of singularity in your desire to undertake future assignments and job profiles.

Attorney Resume Conclusion

End the resume with a polite declaration that the facts that you have submitted in your resume are entirely true to your knowledge and then sign it.

Sample Attorney Resume Experts

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