Sample resume for waiter – first example

Sample resume for waiter

Janet R. Francis

533 Stanley Avenue
Lynbrook, NY 11563
Phone 516-536-4729
Country code 1
Birthday May 13, 1991
Age 24 years old
Email Address

Objective: to obtain full-time employment as a waiter

Experience 3 years 9 months

Work period: December 2014 – August 2015 (9 months)
Position: Waiter
Meeting guests, advice and recommendations on the menu. Help in choosing the dishes drinks. Service tables, banquets.

Work period: July 2012 – August 2014 (2 years 2 months)
Position: Bartender
Company: LLC “GoodFood” (Lynbrook, NY)

Service of visitors at the bar with soft and alcoholic drinks and meals; preparation of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks; implementation of monetary settlements with visitors; drawing up an application for the required number and range of breakfast products; maintaining cleanliness and order at the bar.

Work period: September 2011 – June 2012 (10 months)
Position: Waiter
Company: LLC “EuroFood” (Sunderland, UK)

Meet and greet visitors; knowledge of the menu; taking orders from guests, as well as assisting in the preparation of the order; supply of food and beverages; providing guests with an account and receive payments; cleaning tables and maintenance of cleanliness in the room.

Education: Specialized secondary
The end: 2002
Institution: PBMC
Department: Economics and Accounting

Additional Information
Foreign languages: German (Technical)
Driver’s license: category B, C
Computer skills: Advanced user
In the services sector since 2001. He worked in hotels (3-5 star.) Bars, restaurants, casino. I have worked as a personal waiter. Knowledge of European, Russian, Italian, Japanese cuisine, wine cocktail cards, cigars cash systems (compass front, Ilco, p-keeper, magic)


Second Example

Sample resume for waiter


Debbie M. Cox

4063 Stockert Hollow Road
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone 425-827-3241
Country code 1
Birthday October 5, 1987
Age 28 years old
Email Address
Experience   6 years 2 months

Work period:

November 2010 – December 2014   (4 years 2 months)


Waiter -barmen


Ltd. Eventa


Jobs in the R-Keeper;
Knowledge of the range bar,
Possession technology cocktails;
conducting cash documents, removing cash,
preparing cocktails and drinks, in accordance with technological maps;
– inventory;
– maintenance work area clean and tidy;
– timely order products bar;
Tableware in accordance with established standards.
Monitoring the cleanliness, condition and completeness appliances, utensils and tablecloths and napkins. Replacing the tablecloths and napkins as their pollution.
Knowledge of the menu and study the changes in the menu, the knowledge of basic and seasonal dishes and drinks offered to guests.
Advising guests about the features of the restaurant dishes and drinks. Assist in the preparation of the order. Advice on cooking time.
Submission of food and drinks according to the rules of service.
Making daily accounting registers at the end of the day.
Making room and table setting for various events.

Work period:

September 2008 – 2010   (2 years )


The waiter, bartender, Acting Administrator of the hall


Service restaurant, entertainment center, hotel complex, a night club, a country club. Service under the “Catering”.

Service Swedish lines, receptions, weddings, anniversaries, official receptions, etc. Meeting and accommodation, feeding menu, order reception.

Feed bar and kuhanoy products, knowledge of complex types of table setting, knowledge of ways of serving dishes and snacks: in the run-out, in a table, using the side table, European way. Knowledge of the rules and order of serving dishes, knowledge of etiquette.

Cleaning utensils used: a two-way, three plates.

Work with cash register, work with R-Keeper. Calculation of guests, cleanliness and order in the workplace, to assist guests in the selection of dishes and drinks.

Additional Information

Foreign languages:

English (fluent), German (Basic)

Computer skills:

Advanced user

Possibility of trips:



Computer skills:
Proficiency in computer – confident user.
Spoken skills to work with the following programs:
– MS Office (Word, Excel)
Knowledge of R-keeper, the program iiko,