programmer cv example

Valesh Andrew Stivensson
Date of birth: 06/09/1986 of
residence Address: Prague, High st., 53, Apt. 68
Telephone: (495) 666-66-66
an e-mail address:
Objective: To obtain the programmer 1C.

September 2008. – Present. time – the programmer 1C v7.7, company “X”, the production of paints, Prague.

Functional responsibilities:

  • update of standard and non-standard configurations, updating configurations of the requirements of the company;
  • Programming 1C means: Enterprise v.7.7;
  • the organization of exchange of data between databases 1C.


  • creating configurations on a platform 7.7 from the ground up.

Education.: 2003-2008, Prague State Technical University.  information and management systems department, specialty “Applied Mathematics”, a diploma.

Additional education: February 2011, Course “Programming 1C:. Enterprise 7.7. Introductory Course “Computer Training Center” Specialist “, Prague, certificate 1C.

Professional skills: Experienced PC user: MS Word, Excel, 1C 7.7, Internet. The basic level of proficiency in English.

Personal qualities: responsibility, discipline, dedication, hard work, perseverance.

Advice will be provided on request.

Sample resume Programmer (Information Systems Developer)

Mikhail Silin
Sample resume Programmer (Information Systems Developer)
Location : Prague, Chumakov, 35, 90
Telephone : 000-65-32
 E-mail address : info@mail.mail
Date of birth : 12/15/1970
Marital status : Single

The goal : Get the position of Programmer (information systems developer) with a salary of not less than 30000r.

Skills and experience

  • Administration, database design, development of server-side on the PL / the SQL.
  • Development and maintenance of database applications, integration of databases of various formats.
  • Analysis and modeling of business processes in the field of inventory control and retail trade, data generation schemes.
  • Reports Development any complexity Reports the Oracle.
  • Knowledge of user interface design standards of Microsoft, Sun, Apple.

Possession software produkrami

Oracle, SQL Server, Paradox, MS Access, Cliper, ERWin (2.5), BPWin (1.5), Delphi 1-5, C ++, Java.

Education : higher

1986-1991 Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University). Faculty: “Cybernetics”.Speciality: “Information systems design”.


2000 – present .: Travel company “Eco-travel”. Lead developer.Duties: database development customer account.
1995 – 2000: OOO “Line In”. Lead developer. Responsibilities: development and support audio registration system.
1992 – 1995: LLC “Crocus Plus”. Programmistr I category.Responsibilities: development and support base of accounting data, a database for human resources, inventory control database.

Personal Information

Ready to work in a team and individually. Sociable, stressoustoychiv. Meet deadlines (able to clearly assess the timing of the task).

 3 Sample

Full Name

Year of birth: 1983
Place of residence: Str. Applicants 12, Apt. 45
Phone: tel. 777-7777
the E-mail address:
minimum wage: $ 1,000
Objective: To obtain a programmer
Education: 2000 – 2005 – Donetsk National Technical University, Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, specialty “Software Engineer”
Professional experience and employment: 2007 – present – “…”, The programmer Duties:
writing programs for personal computers (PC) in the languages: Assembler, BASIC, Pascal, Delphi, Perl (CGI scripts), HTML (JavaScript).

  • Writing programs for the MCS-51 (8051) and AVR microcontroller (MC) from Atmel and compatible in assembly language and C.
  • Development of programs of flowcharts
  • development of digital components for PC and MC; nodes based MK
  • docking of various chips from the PC and MC

2006 – 2007 – “…” Software Engineer Responsibilities:

  • support system “Client-Bank”
  • development of new modules and their implementation, SQL
  • transfers “Avers”, administration, support system
  • transfers “MoneyGram”, administration, support system

2005 – 2006 – “…”, the system administrator Responsibilities:

  • setting and the. support for office equipment (computers, fax machines, etc.)
  • optimizing the performance of the staff with office equipment
  • optimizing the performance of the work of office equipment
  • training personnel to work with software and office equipment

Another skills:

  • professional PC user (Microsoft Windows 95-ME, Microsoft Windows NT4-XP, Linux, FreeBSD)
  • знание PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Object Pascal, Assembler
  • the ability to design information systems, relational databases (Borland Interbase SQL server 6.0, Firebird SQL server 1.0, MySQL server 4.0, Microsoft Access XP)

Personal qualities:
the ability to work well. Integrity in work. Ability to quickly learn new software product technology. Having creativity. The presence of the desire to work and earn.