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Valesh Andrew Stivensson
Date of birth: 06/09/1986 of
residence Address: Prague, High st., 53, Apt. 68
Telephone: (495) 666-66-66
an e-mail address:
Objective: To obtain the programmer 1C.

September 2008. – Present. time – the programmer 1C v7.7, company “X”, the production of paints, Prague.

Functional responsibilities:

  • update of standard and non-standard configurations, updating configurations of the requirements of the company;
  • Programming 1C means: Enterprise v.7.7;
  • the organization of exchange of data between databases 1C.


  • creating configurations on a platform 7.7 from the ground up.

Education.: 2003-2008, Prague State Technical University.  information and management systems department, specialty “Applied Mathematics”, a diploma.

Additional education: February 2011, Course “Programming 1C:. Enterprise 7.7. Introductory Course “Computer Training Center” Specialist “, Prague, certificate 1C.

Professional skills: Experienced PC user: MS Word, Excel, 1C 7.7, Internet. The basic level of proficiency in English.

Personal qualities: responsibility, discipline, dedication, hard work, perseverance.

Advice will be provided on request.

Sample resume Programmer (Information Systems Developer)

Mikhail Silin
Sample resume Programmer (Information Systems Developer)
Location : Prague, Chumakov, 35, 90
Telephone : 000-65-32
 E-mail address : info@mail.mail
Date of birth : 12/15/1970
Marital status : Single

The goal : Get the position of Programmer (information systems developer) with a salary of not less than 30000r.

Skills and experience

  • Administration, database design, development of server-side on the PL / the SQL.
  • Development and maintenance of database applications, integration of databases of various formats.
  • Analysis and modeling of business processes in the field of inventory control and retail trade, data generation schemes.
  • Reports Development any complexity Reports the Oracle.
  • Knowledge of user interface design standards of Microsoft, Sun, Apple.

Possession software produkrami

Oracle, SQL Server, Paradox, MS Access, Cliper, ERWin (2.5), BPWin (1.5), Delphi 1-5, C ++, Java.

Education : higher

1986-1991 Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University). Faculty: “Cybernetics”.Speciality: “Information systems design”.


2000 – present .: Travel company “Eco-travel”. Lead developer.Duties: database development customer account.
1995 – 2000: OOO “Line In”. Lead developer. Responsibilities: development and support audio registration system.
1992 – 1995: LLC “Crocus Plus”. Programmistr I category.Responsibilities: development and support base of accounting data, a database for human resources, inventory control database.

Personal Information

Ready to work in a team and individually. Sociable, stressoustoychiv. Meet deadlines (able to clearly assess the timing of the task).

 3 Sample

Full Name

Year of birth: 1983
Place of residence: Str. Applicants 12, Apt. 45
Phone: tel. 777-7777
the E-mail address:
minimum wage: $ 1,000
Objective: To obtain a programmer
Education: 2000 – 2005 – Donetsk National Technical University, Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, specialty “Software Engineer”
Professional experience and employment: 2007 – present – “…”, The programmer Duties:
writing programs for personal computers (PC) in the languages: Assembler, BASIC, Pascal, Delphi, Perl (CGI scripts), HTML (JavaScript).

  • Writing programs for the MCS-51 (8051) and AVR microcontroller (MC) from Atmel and compatible in assembly language and C.
  • Development of programs of flowcharts
  • development of digital components for PC and MC; nodes based MK
  • docking of various chips from the PC and MC

2006 – 2007 – “…” Software Engineer Responsibilities:

  • support system “Client-Bank”
  • development of new modules and their implementation, SQL
  • transfers “Avers”, administration, support system
  • transfers “MoneyGram”, administration, support system

2005 – 2006 – “…”, the system administrator Responsibilities:

  • setting and the. support for office equipment (computers, fax machines, etc.)
  • optimizing the performance of the staff with office equipment
  • optimizing the performance of the work of office equipment
  • training personnel to work with software and office equipment

Another skills:

  • professional PC user (Microsoft Windows 95-ME, Microsoft Windows NT4-XP, Linux, FreeBSD)
  • знание PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Object Pascal, Assembler
  • the ability to design information systems, relational databases (Borland Interbase SQL server 6.0, Firebird SQL server 1.0, MySQL server 4.0, Microsoft Access XP)

Personal qualities:
the ability to work well. Integrity in work. Ability to quickly learn new software product technology. Having creativity. The presence of the desire to work and earn.

Software Programmer Sample Resume CV Format

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