Security is a major issue and the main feature of such a job is to ensure that any kind of wrong-doing is prevented. There is a misconception that security is all about brawn and have nothing to do with the brain. On the contrary, in this high-tech age, the opposite is more often true. So, when you go to seek a security job, bear this is mind that your prospective employer needs to be assured that you have a sharp and analytical mind, quick wit, and a readiness to learn and implement new things as demanded by your job.

The Format

Security Resumes

Security job is an interesting and unique kind of job. So, make it a point that your resume is a bit different from the general run of the mill resumes. Begin by giving you name and full-fledged contact information. Follow this up with a career objective. However, remember that no two jobs that you apply for are the same. So this objective has to be amended every time you make an application to match the job profile for which you are applying.

However, the basic requirements of a security job are more or less the same. So, take care to emphasize your excellent interpersonal and man management skills, and how you can make an immediate and effective contribution to your new employment by dint of your aptitude to develop new skills along with the ones you have acquired already.

The next section of your resume has to be divided under two heads. First is the education section, where you outline your academic degrees and achievements.

Security Resumes

The second part will be the technical expertise you have acquired. Here in an easy-to-reference numbered format, note down the list of trainings and courses you have undertaken and thereby added an array of skills and experience. Remember this should match the job profile you are applying for.

Career Background

Another crucial section of your resume is your career background. This segment must also be detailed and presented in a bullet or number format so as to make it look attractive. Here, an experience of military or police background could be the clinching point. So, make it a point to highlight your accomplishments while you were in the military or the police such experience ahead of any other security job experience that you may have.


Security Resumes

Once this is done, then refer to any other jobs as security that you may have taken up and give details of your contribution in that post and your achievements and appreciation you received for your records. However, remember not to exceed your resume to more than two pages. Your objective is not to highlight too much on the past records but to assure your prospective employer that you are good in this kind of job and he can trust you to continue performing as well as you have done so far.


Conclude your resume with a citation of names that could act as testimonials in case your prospective employer wants to refer. Write a declaration stating all the information details you provided were true to the best of your knowledge and sign your name.