Self motivation

Self motivation

Self Motivation | Learning & Working

Self-motivation for work and study

5 tips for self motivationHow do I motivate myself to learn & work? Who does not know: The learning task is enormous – so you push it a little ahead of him. Or: The deadline for the concept seam – rather again quickly checking email … The terms “procrastination”, “procrastination”, “Inner Pig Dog” and “demotivation” have long been on language use in professional and study , when it comes to motivation.

Motivation is an ongoing issue, because it has to be self-made repeatedly. Day by day, hour by hour we must motivate us again and again – be it at work or study.

Therefore here 5 Motivation Tips: so you too can learn Motivation!

No. 1: Motivating examples

Motivation to learn and work, we get by example: read biographies, looking for ambitious friends and talk to successful people (professors, entrepreneurs, managers). The exchange and knowledge of other inspired and illustrates what is possible in this life. An invitation to follow suit!

make New Input & things completely different: no. 2

If the “self-evident” disappears, new questions and with this new motivation curiosity arise: Why is this so? How can you solve things differently than usual? Things can and should be questioned, that increases the criticism and ability to solve problems. The issues raised are fuel in receiving new knowledge – because you thirsting for answers.

As new questions arise? By his usual environment actively exits: From abroad, the internship host is in a different field of study, testing a new hobby, read an unknown book!

No. 3: Diversity & Networking

Knowledge has three wonderful features:

  1. Knowing something is cool and nurtures self-confidence.
  2. Knowledge multiplies exponentially: The more we learn, the easier learning.
  3. Knowledge easy connectivity and use in other areas: The more diverse our knowledge, the more creative we are, the more perspectives we can use to solve problems.

No. 4: Objectives

energize realistic and challenging goals and give our actions a direction. In the concentrated effort we get into the “flow”, pursue our goals tense without be distracted.

A little time pressure is the motivation even beneficial – it forces the selection of the most important tasks. The efficiency is increased by a clear line. By objectives, success and failure can be defined only – that motivates or forces you to ask questions of “why?”.

No. 5: compensation

Through a balance of “vital juices” the engine runs best and most sustainable! The sixth cup of coffee, the third through moonlit night, the second heart attack?

Do not let it get that far! Ambition in work and study are a good thing, a certain focus also – but not neglecting the basic human needs !

There are 5 life batteries , all of which must be recharged periodically, so your satisfaction and motivation remains high: The “power” is just one of them.

The other: your body, your social environment, hobbies and “organizational”. So you Gönn again what really Healthy; call once a week a neglected friend and take your time for your hobby!

This helps to keep you cool even in stressful times and to see problems from a different perspective. In addition, you networks and information from other often bring more than many trained by night!

Finally, do not make the life of battery neglect “organizational”: it is also a kind of lubricant for the other areas of life: on strike your computer, because you’ve never taken time for maintenance, the time is possibly strikes in the exam period. If the fridge is empty, you can easily with a growling stomach does not concentrate properly …

Experience teaches: Various interests must not be ruled out and can be integrated in the control well in the study. Hobbies help “coming down” or are a well-usable creative source for study.

Self Motivation | Learning & Working

Motivation to learn and work – Conclusion:

I need to better integrate my interests in study and work. Then I can myself remain true and develop my personality better. Ultimately, it is used in most situations where you have to convince, not to the testimony of, but if you have something to talk about.

Can you for the things you’ve done so far, to love? Can you also convey this enthusiasm? If not, it’s time to change something!

How do you motivate to learn or work you? What are your special motivation tricks? Share this with others who have the motivation problems – by a short comment.