Selfishness and job success – elbows out or in?

Selfishness and job success – elbows out or in?

If everyone thinks se is intended to all … For many, this sounds weird and studies have this statement also refuted. The ruthless elbow method brings people long not to their destinations, neither in professional nor in the private sector.

Both neuroscientists, social as well as depth psychologists speak according to their current investigations against the thesis of the so-called “economic man” from. It is the assumption that human behavior and professional success then develop positive if everyone decides for himself and makes.

Recklessness harms everyone – even the ruthless

People that drive without regard to losses and costs other successful careers seem at first glance to be generally more than the cute and social colleagues. But often they pay with their infringing conduct the high price of the declining social recognition in the private and professional environment. In addition, those who rely on the elbow method and do only from calculating something good for other dispense, on happiness.This neuroscientists discovered 2010 in a study in which they found comforting hormones to make their subjects once these fellows further helped selflessly. Who always strained to be the loudest, strongest and Domina Teste considerate to attend, without for its environment, one hand is more and more and more into social isolation. On the other hand, he denies himself the beautiful experience, to do something good and to be important for others.

Loneliness and disease – the price of elbowism

With extended elbow to career-minded people can indeed open paths, but often they thereby create more space as they would like. Because anti-social behavior is acknowledged by many colleagues with prevention. This loneliness at work often carries over with very ambitious Berufsegoisten also to private life.And that can make long-term sick. Even the genes according to medical studies respond to this situation and cause inflammatory reactions in the body. Loneliness hurts accordingly just like smoking. That means in reverse: to selfish behavior on the job can even shorten life expectancy.

Who is able to cope with his colleagues professional goals successfully as a team, will be long-term successful than the “Ichlinge” in the job. But this will need some skills. They include:

  • to communicate openly,
  • to formulate feedback properly and to give,
  • appropriately apply their own skills,
  • to say what one thinks,
  • other support,
  • listen to others,
  • others to understand
  • to be flexible.

Connected to a high degree of leadership and teamwork brings the orientation on the co- instead against each other on one side more job satisfaction. On the other hand it can lead to a long term truly successful career and life.