So you hold today after better job out

Who elaborately evening examined today after work for a potential new employer, is your own fault. Passive job search is called the new way to find a better job and actively help tackle the negative effects of the economic crisis.

The new type of job searchThose who do not urgently looking for a new employer usually wants to invest as little time in the job search. The Internet makes it possible for suitable job equal to itself find their way to the personal mailbox simply and without great expense. The hour-long crawl vacancies so needless mostly full. Get right now, here suitable job in your mailbox.


The new type of job search

Passive job search is called this new way of finding a job. This also includes the active developing a network that can be most successful when necessary. Here, social networking sites such as Xing or Facebook a great help. When networking, it is particularly important to comply with some key rules:

  • not burst you with your concerns out in the very first 30 seconds.
  • Signaling you talking interest in the other. Ask questions about hobbies or work experience. Let the other person talk and showcase a constructive conversation possible.
  • Do not beg, but ask your counterpart for advice.
  • continue to strengthen relations after building and bring out not only when necessary. Ideal more or less regular contact recordings are three to four times a year.
  • Say thank you while facing the contacts obtained and the time used.