As a profession, social work means a committed way of pursuing the cause of social justice so as to develop the quality of life and realize the potential of individuals and in turn, whole communities. The job profile of a social worker may include finding out causes and solutions for social problems and how these can make a socio-economic impact on people, particularly on the under-privileged.

The most important thing to remember while writing a social worker rsum is that you need not focus a great deal on your academic qualification and previous work experiences. But you have to believe in what you are doing and want to do and be prepared for involving yourself in this kind of work, which is often long and tiring and drains lots of your physical and mental energy. In short, your commitment and enthusiasm in this line of work must be conveyed.

Social Worker Resumes

Characteristics of a Social Worker resume

  • Express your belief in this vocation in a clear, concise manner.
  • Be ready to do anything and not be rigid.
  • Be ready to work even in unfavorable conditions.

Social Worker Resume Format

The way you furnish details is slightly different from other kinds of rsums. Here the emphasis is not so much on saying how many educational and professional degrees you have acquired and with what a background of solid work experience and references you come, but on how best you can imbibe yourself in social work.

  1. Name in Full
  2. Contact details Residential Address, Telephonic contact
  3. Academic Qualifications
  4. Work Experience

Social Worker Resumes

Then give a brief summary of your areas of special interest. Also mention if you have participated in social work drives in school (e.g. adult education program or visiting elderly people at old-age homes etc) or in your locality (e.g. blood donation, planting trees, educating slum children, etc). However, try to give an account of your work in a precise format and dont make this portion clumsy with unnecessary details.

Academic Qualifications

Follow this up with a summary of your academic qualification in the ascending order and mention your work experience (if any) giving the name of the organization, your period of working, and your responsibilities.

In the section of skills, mention computer literacy, languages known (in order of your preference, e.g. 1. Vernacular, 2. English and so on) and how fluent you are in translating, understanding, communicating in these languages. In case, you have done any academic, research work on social issues, you can also cite them. Lastly, in about 50-75 words, give an outline of your ideas about social work and say why you consider yourself suitable for this kind of work.

Social Worker ResumesSalary/ Remuneration:

Once you have furnished these details, mention your expected salary. Remembering that social work involves believing in a cause and going on to do it even against all odds and that it is not exactly a remunerative profession. So it is advisable to be open to what amount you expect to draw and so mention Negotiable beside the figure. This would highlight your commitment, sincerity and belief in the cause you believe in passionately and are joining to work for.


Finally, conclude your resume by stating your aim in life as aligned with the kind of profile you have created and the kind of job you are looking for to apply.