Software is a very broad-based term, and is used to describe various kinds of computer software ranging from application software, to system software and also programming software.

Application software word processors that perform a particular set of tasks for the users. System software operating systems that act as an interface with hardware to provide help run the application software, and

Programming software user-friendly tool for computer programmers to write programs and software using different programming languages.

So, the basic thing to remember before writing a software resume is to identify to which category you belong and accordingly write a job profile matching that category. However, being a high-skilled job, software resumes need to focus on your academic qualifications and a detailed description of related work experience that would give your prospective employers a fair idea of your capabilities and motivate them to hire you.

Software Resumes

Software Resumes key skills:

  • Detailed knowledge of your job profile
  • Skill to work under pressure of deadlines
  • A quick, analytical, problem-solving mind

Software Resumes Format

It is extremely important to highlight your qualification, specialization and work experience in a clear and concise manner, without jumbling up too many information. Use bullets, tabular forms to describe your education and previous stints of work, as this highlight your resume better.

  1. First, mention your
  2. Name
  3. DoB
  4. Contact address, phone number, email address etc.

Software Resumes

The most important part of your resume is your academic qualification and work experience you have gathered. Start by giving your educational achievements in ascending order and highlight the professional qualifications and specializations you have picked up in course of your studies, which are relevant to the kind of job you are applying for.

Once this is done, your work experience should be lined out. If you have done several stints of work that matches the job you are applying for, then make this area of your resume attractive by writing them down in a systematic format using bullets or numbers, giving the details of your job description involved and also summarize your achievements in the erstwhile institutions (give their name for future reference if required).

In the expected salary section, name an amount you expect to draw from the company as remuneration that matches the industry standards. If you are ready to adjust, then mention Negotiable beside the figure you have named.

Software Resumes

Conclude your resume by writing a few lines about what you aim to achieve in your professional capacity in the company and how your ambition can mutually benefit the company and you. However, in case you are not applying for a job in the software industry but in a corporate with only software requirements, skip the ambition part, but do mention your aim that should match the kind of job profile for which you have applied.

Finally, write down a declaration that the information stated in the resume is true to the best of your knowledge and sign the resume with the date of application.