It has been established that people who are more attractive get better jobs than those with the same qualifications but are less physically winsome. Maybe you have been wondering if you should invest in yourself by going for one of those stem cell therapy treatments or creams that claim to make you look younger and more attractive. Let me tell you that you’ll be wasting your time and money. The benefits of stem cell cannot be tapped through topical applications. Also, stem cells (of the plant or animal persuasion, if there is any at all) do not survive in a cream for any length of time. You’ll benefit more from getting a great hair cut and investing in a suit of flattering clothes to up your attractiveness rating.

Stem cells became all the rage when scientists reported that it could help in rejuvenate or replace tired old cells where it’s needed. Cosmetic product manufacturers were quick to take advantage and began to heavily promote “cosmeceuticals,” hinting at but not explicitly claiming that it is something more than the typical cosmetic products. They raked it in, and they are still doing so despite the frequent disclaimers from scientists that stem cell creams work. Because “cosmeceuticals” is not a regulated industry, cosmetic manufacturing companies were never required to provide any scientific proof for their claims.

Basically, it is a good cream if it works, but it is not because of stem cells, so don’t drop hundreds of bucks on a tiny jar because it ain’t worth it. Buyer beware.