Stress with the boss

Every second employee has problems with his superiors. Instead of solving the conflict, remain silent during the crisis many employees – out of fear of losing their jobs. Tips on how to resolve tensions.

Stress with the boss?The boss criticized constantly for no reason, circulated from all work or maltreated his employees even with an electric fly swatter: conflicts with superiors hardly know borders.Especially in economically turbulent times they come more to light.

30% do not have a good relationship with their supervisor

Every second, the US magazine “Work and Stress”, has a troubled relationship with his boss. According to a study of nearly 2,000 respondents Lueneburg University about 30 percent suffer from chronic stress with their supervisors. “We have requests from employees who have problems with their superiors,” says Barbara Gisi, Head staff policy Association of Commercial Employees Switzerland on request. But that every third or even more people will be affected, it considers excessive.

Displacement is not a solution

Many employees would sit out the problems but instead to tackle. “In the crisis employees tolerate rather an unsatisfactory condition.” Fear of job loss leave a lot to endure. “According to the motto: head down, the problems dissolve at some point.” However, this is a fallacy in most cases.

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Seeing the Good in chief

to address the conflict and to seek solutions but is rarely easy. After all, the employer sitting in conflicts with subordinates always has the upper hand.Gisi therefore advises: “For larger companies HR departments or psychologists can help employees and possibly mediate between the parties.” For smaller companies there is often no such address. Here may help to conflict management general guidebooks.

The Council of Psychologists

The tip of psychologists and career counselors but is: love the boss to learn.So instead are constantly looking for his next misstep out and denounce shortcomings, the positive features should be highlighted better. This facilitates collaboration and can act anticonvulsant. Basically opposite superiors never judgmental occur make neutral suggestions rather than complain that everything is going wrong, sometimes take things on their cap that actually go to the account of the supervisor, and understanding show, even if one is not it.