Study tips for students: Perfect tests

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Too much test material? No concentration ? Your inner pig dog tugs at you? But many students, even students in adulthood did not know how to actually learns best.You come so, the 5 best study tips and learning methods for testing – based on my learning guide top grade: double learning, halving test anxiety.

Tips for tests 1: Motivation problems in learning

1. outwit Your inner

“My biggest problem is motivation. I push learning her up at the last minute before me. How can I motivate myself? Is there a trick? “

outwit Your inner

Yes, there are indeed. Often that is motivation there but the voice inside has just afraid of the big learning mountain. Since helps 10-minute trick :

Take the right to put you just 10 minutes to the task.10 minutes does not sound threatening, 10 minutes, always has time, there are no excuses.

usually one does not notice that are already over and just keeps going. The brain has caught fire, and the initial momentum is managed.

Tips for tests 2: The perfect learning time and learning time

2. How long learning day?

“How many hours should I learn on the day? How do you learn best? “
5 to 6 hours of pure learning time quite sporty. The quality is quite clearly in front stubborn buffalo learned material. We needbreaks so that the knowledge can set. More important is that you in the learning units focused learning . Please Turn off your Internet and cell phone, even if it is difficult.

After 30 to at least 90 minutes a break is due.Here you can get out with the dog, play the piano, rumturnen or with your girlfriend the situation discuss
➨ that makes the  mind and gives you new energy and motivation.

Tips for tests 3: Overwhelmed school? Not having good learning strategies!

3. Systematically work through instead be overwhelmed: learn efficiently

“For me, the books and papers stacked. I do not know where to start ?! “
Learning Tips for tests 3: Overwhelmed school? Not having good learning strategies!

  • If one divides the learning, it seems less complex
  • A weekly schedule helps: ZB 3 Abifächer, then you could trade Monday 1, Tuesday 2 specialist, learn Wednesday trade. 3
  • Each morning a theme and in the afternoon another topic. Then there will be less boring.

Tips for tests 4: Learning to learn with the right learning techniques

4. The right learning method determines the success

“Is there a good method of learning? How do I learn right? “

Most students read the material again and again before stubborn. This is but one side and makes little fun. With proper learning techniques can easily double the memory and then must not get so long.

The right learning method determines the success

It is very helpful for example to every major teaching subject in a single sum A4 page . This trains the eye for the essential and the relationships. And there is security, if you have everything on one side in view.

Right you see an example of Survival Summary on “symbolic interactionism”.

Wanna so create useful summaries?

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  2. The “Checklist for Survival Summary” (A4) from the top grade is unlocked.

My favorite tip for learning tests 5: Is there to learn music?

5. Can music help focus?

“I always learn with music in the background, but actually supposed to be not good, I once heard …?”

Can music help focus

Music can promote concentration very. Only they should have the right pace, not too fast and not too slow.

  • Metallica or German rap is as taboo because it distract us either very upset or texts.
  • Good are classical music, chill-out and there are also special concentration music CDs
  • Read more about the background to concentration music and my favorite .

Learning & learning tips: Summary

Summary of the best learning tips and learning methods

These were the selection of the best learning strategies, teaching methods and learning tips :

  • Learning Tip 1: Use the 10-minute ploy to outwit your baser instincts.
  • Learning Tip 2: Plan for a turbo-learning day not more than 5 to 6 hours a learning and thinking of taking regular breaks.
  • Learning Tip 3: Get procure overview , make a weekly schedule and bring a lot of variety.
  • Learning tips 4: Avoid monotonous learning, will bend the fabric and finishedsurvival summaries to.
  • Learning Tips: With the right music , you can boost your concentration and focus.Try it!

… And that’s just the beginning. Would you still get better , you improve learning techniques and avoid test anxiety?