When work becomes tormenting, even a well-paid job is very little worth. A career change, however, should be well thought out.

To job satisfaction there is in this country a bad way. 40 percent of men and 49 percent of women would rather have taken a different career in retrospect. One in five is also believed to have taken the wrong profession.This resulted in a study of the employment agency Kelly Services.

The desire for novelty

Because the profession is unable to meet the personal expectations, many are not satisfied with their current employment. This is often because you have the choice of the career relatively early, for example, after the real or secondary education, cases.

At this age, you know your own strengths and weaknesses usually not too good. The preference can also change quickly, because often the coincidence plays a major role in choosing a career.

Because: Many are looking for the first available commitment hardly for alternatives that would perhaps be more appropriate. In some cases, makes over the years, a certain disillusionment, for example, if it is not the career ladder goes up in the desired period.

Other factors such as a permanent under- or over exposure can also press on the work ethic. In such situations, the desire for a new career is near.

On into the fight

In times like these, where we read about the consequences of the financial crisis and recession fears almost every day, the chances of a successful career change appear not too realistic.

But a look outside the box is always worthwhile. Despite the economic downturn are in fact still many places – and at least one or two personal dream jobs with them – advertised. In addition, it is worth talking to the supervisor.

For most companies offer the possibility to change the profession or educate yourself internally to escape the daily grind.

Finding the right direction

Before a possible job change a sober self-assessment is important. Here helps next to conversations with friends, acquaintances and family and the transition to vocational guidance. There are questions as “what I want?” Or “what can I?” Discussed in detail. For professional enlightenment also can provide the Internet self-tests.

Career goals

They want to create the rise as a woman finally, but do not know how? We have compiled the best career advice for women.

Career goals

Formulate clear goals

Would, could, would you … eliminating these words from your vocabulary when it comes to career planning. Formulate instead clear goals and create a career plan that answers the following questions: I want to have in one, in two, in five years, what position? What strategy do I get to this job?

Get attention

Who was passed over for the third time in a promotion exercise, should ask itself the following question: Do my bosses at all that I would like to ascend? So of course that’s not fact. And the thought “I have to work hard enough, then it will remember my boss already” should banish as quickly as possible out of your thought patterns.

Bring performance – and talk about it

One of the common mistakes that women in working life: they hide their light under a bushel. But Fleiss and achievements alone will benefit very little, if no one noticed. Therefore: Tell the executive floor, what you have done. If you have a new customer acquired or completed a project successfully, hurts a short email to key personnel in the company certainly nothing.

In smaller firms it gets easier

Various studies show that the proportion of female executives is often higher in smaller firms. In medium-sized companies the hierarchies are often flatter, which facilitates the rise. In addition, well-qualified professionals in the SME sector are more difficult to recruit – internal applicants get so quickly to the train, when it comes to occupying vacancies in the executive suite.

Networks, networks, networks …

Women use their business and personal contacts still too rare for their professional advancement. The reason is often false modesty: they want not “exploit” contacts. Do not fall into this trap – because men are not afraid, targeted to network, bring them in professional life benefits. If you need a little push for active networks, join a women’s network. A good place is for example BPW Switzerland .

When a change is useful

Once company X, always firm X: The times of lifelong employment are long gone. Those who want to climb the corporate ladder, should often times change companies: Today, the principle applies. But beware: Too frequent job changes the mistrust of potential new employer can awaken. As good rhythm experts recommend three to four years.

To make women’s career

Women in executive seats: This is in Switzerland still a rarity. Some strategic measures facilitate careerism but massively.
Career development: taking the new careerCompanies with women leaders are successful. The study series “Women matter” shows US companies with women on the board have a 42 percent higher return on sales than purely male-run competitive companies.

100 Swiss top managers are only 4 women

Nevertheless, only 4 percent of top managers are female in major Swiss corporations. There are various reasons: So many women do in the home more than men. 60 percent of women meet the budget largely alone, while the same percentage of men makes virtually no handle.

Female behavior patterns?

In addition, women give at work on even more quickly than men; even in companies that have written explicitly the advancement of women on the flag. “The younger generation of women often fall into familiar female behavior back when decisive plans for the career or different stages of life arise”, observed about Helena Trachsel, director of diversity management at Swiss Re.

pursue goals consistently

Of course, not born to each woman CEO. But you can actively increase your career opportunities. Women often surrender it in favor of a substantively interesting activity on the transport: Sit prefer a clear career goal and pursue it consistently.

not shy away defeats

Women do also often too little attention to themselves: Do you dare to raise your development to be desired with the supervisor. Women refuge for a professional failure often in traditional roles. But resistors are part of life: After a defeat may again follow a victory.

discuss training with employers

Women finance their training to 60 percent itself. Men on the other hand pay only about 30 percent of the costs themselves. Choose deals, you really take advantage of the in progress. Put your superiors thereof and discuss openly a financial employer participation and a change in your responsibilities in terms of what they have learned.

self marketing

Good networking is the alpha and omega for the career. This includes not only the aperitif in a business woman Club. Do not be afraid, when a job change , a message to be published in a business newspaper and socialize on social networking sites and business contacts.

Children and career

Even as a mother, you can make a career. Between 87 and 98 percent of career women in the UK, France and Sweden are also mothers. But you can do so, five years to stay at home without education and connection to the world of work. Although you must fully get into the pants again not the same as ABB Switzerland boss Jasmin Staiblin. But with a part-time job, you can keep up to date.

Career after apprenticeship

Career after apprenticeship

The decision on the best vocational training must already be taken very early. Besides the possibility to acquire a high school, the Matura, the apprenticeship is a focal point in the career planning.

The apprenticeship takes two to four years and with a Vocational Certificate (EBA) or a federal certificate (EFZ) completed.

Moreover, the latter provides access to higher professional education. Here you specialize his knowledge and developed the necessary expertise for a given profession. The higher vocational training is provided in cooperation with the Universities of the tertiary level of education.

Practical training

Practical trainingA decision on the higher vocational education, the question of financing.Basic vocational training is supported primarily by the cantons.

Responsibility for higher vocational education and vocational training is dagen primarily with the company or the person himself.

The higher vocational education differs from a study by its practical relevance. The training is often part-time, what is known as a dual system.

Recognition abroad

Important when deciding on a future career, is also the question of whether you want to work abroad. In Germany and Austria this is not a big problem, since there exists a dual training system. In other countries, many content is taught at universities. Therefore, there are sometimes difficulties in the recognition of diplomas. So you should ask yourself so before deciding on the proper training the following questions:

  • Which device is best suited?
  • What goals you have and you are also motivated enough to achieve this?
  • What qualifications can I reach and where they are recognized?
  • What are the financial support?

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Job mobility increased career opportunities

“Flexible” is one of the buzzwords that emerges repeatedly in vacancies. Many business leaders are also calling for greater mobility of the applicants. But that moving often is a major setback in the private life, is rather short in the discussion.For students and graduates which is inherently less of a problem.
After studying, for example, in Paderborn, Heidelberg or Magdeburg attracts most elsewhere, in larger cities or back home. According to a study by  Ernst & Young  about 84 percent of the students can imagine, to move for a job. But the older workers are, they have their own home or a family, the more the occupational mobility from again

Relocate for the career?

It will be the case more and more rare in the future, that a young professionals working until the end of his career, always with the same company and in the same location. Job mobility is not always voluntary. A move for professional reasons can occur for many reasons. For example, the work situation at the residence to be bad, you get an attractive job offer at another location, a company provides its operating one or you will be assigned by his employer to another site.

Like almost all areas of life often requires the career compromises. One must decide between the disadvantages and the advantages and the chances of a move. A move from the familiar environment has grave consequences particularly for private life. but is offset by many new opportunities and possibilities. Not only that a prolonged period of unemployment for most people is not a serious option. Professionally, this is a (new) job, which is often better paid. It also helps to expand his professional network, which can open up new options for the further course of career. Even when applying for future jobs, it may be a plus for HR managers, if someone has collected in his career not only experience, but also life experience. This makes it amplified if you have to find your way in a new environment to work and at home, and a new circle of friends builds. For HR managers shows that not only a willingness to occupational mobility but also to intellectual mobility.

Job mobility: advantages, disadvantages and risks and opportunities weigh

Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to leave their familiar surroundings for career prospects or not. Here but you should not only have short-term consequences in mind, but also the medium and long-term opportunities. And thanks to modern means of communication such as video telephony, chat or social networks these days it is also easier to get in touch with his friends upright.

Mobility and flexibility – How much is needed for the career

Mobility and flexibility - How much is needed for the career
And suddenly you find yourself in a different stage of life … Each year the majority of the approximately 260,000 graduates in Germany face an uncertain professional future.

Thus, the graduates agonize over the question, what job are companies in which they are engaged soon. The question is not so much whether they find a job, but rather where this will be.
Career factors mobility and flexibility

Even if the job search after graduation lasts from one program to a few weeks or a few months, have found employment twelve months after the conclusion of more than 90 percent of young academics.

Five years after graduating, even at more than 95 percent. But this is the (supposedly) secure future and the present feels not so sure immediately after graduation by far on.

Business wants mobile and flexible workers

Basically, mobility and flexibility are important characteristics to enter the labor market. The vast majority of graduates is required by the business mobility also demonstrate how numbers of university information system ( HIS confirm): 80 percent of university graduates leave their university location again.

Whether as a graduate or professional looking for a job, you should neither fear nor be afraid of a move to a new area have. Especially not if you get an offer for his dream job can do a great job to be very fulfilling.

And the first time in a new place is exciting and personality-promoting because it moves in an unknown environment, in which it is located einzufinden. So cheap recruiter relocation well as an indication of soft skills .

Sooner or later you will be at the new place to meet new people and make friends – be it for example with colleagues, in the neighborhood, in a club, through acquaintances of friends over the Internet or through a random encounters in the supermarket. People are notoriously social creatures.

Who is immobile must be flexible

What to do when you stay for personal reasons or other commitments in his familiar surroundings or just pull in a certain city want? Good as well! As mentioned above, the labor market situation for graduates in this country is very good.

One does not necessarily draw for the first available job offer from Flensburg to Memmingen, when there do not really want to go and there is no reference points. The next job offer is sure to come – only the date is open.

But for this you have to do something! If the job offer is scarce, one must not only on a particular job persevere but has flexibility to the day cart ..

In studying one learns also to acquire themselves new things. In order to expand its job options, one is as a (flexible) university graduate to use in the comfortable position of this key skill and practice different jobs.

Flexibility increases the chances on the labor market and is all the more necessary when one circling his job search to a specific radius. Internet, Business Directories, vitamin B Co. – use all opportunities  

The time of sometimes slightly longer job search should use it to customize responsive and error-free application. This includes the application letter and CV to be precisely aligned to the desired position and to the company, instead of resorting at each application on a standard letter and there to exchange only the date and company name. Also taboo: phrases in your letter .

In the job search should be the full range of possibilities to use: online job boards , creative applications , unsolicited applications , jobs in the local section of the newspapers, yellow pages, personal contacts and the “passive job search” on CV databases . With increasing age, the mobility decreases

Incidentally, the older people are, the less is their mobility: While about 25 percent between 25 and 34 years of age change their place of residence, the 35- to 44-year-olds have largely decided on a fixed location.

The main reasons are a permanent job, the family and the home ownership. Not even 15 percent of 25- to 44-year-old then still attracts a different place. If you have saved up some work experience, you know how the wind blows in the labor market and the job search goes on a bit quieter.

In addition, experience is like seen in the company, which increases the prospects for a successful job search. Who has an academic title, must not panic in finding a job in any case.However, you should be a university graduate also aware that the combination of dream city and dream job is not easy to have, especially not at career start.

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Way in the sales industry

Way in the sales industryThose who opt for a career in sales, can choose from a wide array of basic training and further education. The job of a seller is asking and offers diverse employment opportunities.
Most of the route starts in this sector with a three-year apprenticeship in retail trade. After this training with federal certificate of proficiency training opportunities and career prospects in the retail sector or in the commercial sector are manifold.

Various schools for training and education offer courses in Sales Engineering at. Also at the Swiss Institute for business training (siu) may Higher professional examinations and professional tests and stored and courses are completed.

The two most important opportunities for advancement in the sales profession are the professional examination for sale expert and the higher technical examination for Certified Sales manager.

Expert on the sale

By eidg. Certificate of Proficiency in your pocket, two years of experience in the sale and passed in the last five years Markom-admission exam can be trained to sales professional. Instead of a completed apprenticeship, is also granted to those who have the following qualifications:

  • Matura or a degree from a trade or vocational school.
  • Higher technical school, college or university.

The one and a half-year training can be career professionals. After passing the test one is designed for management tasks in interior and exterior service of the sale. The planning and the implementation of corporate objectives in sales also within the ambit.

Next to Sales Manager

The requirements for the technical example for sales managers

  • completed professional examination of the sales industry, three years experience in a management function in sales.
  • completed higher professional examination or degree from a higher vocational school or college, three years experience in a management function in sales.
  • completed sale doctrine, either completed or Matura Handelsmittelschule and six years of professional experience, including three years in a management function in sales.

The training for the sales manager takes about one and a half years and can be career professionals. The Sales Manager is a management position.The sales manager is, among other things for the interior and exterior service charge as well as for the planning and management of the sales and distribution organization.

open to top

Those seeking further training in sales, are spoiled for choice. From retail specialist on the dipl. Business managers to Bachelor in Business Administration FH – the career opportunities in the past are manifold.

How to apply for jobs in the financial sector

The competition for the best sites with banks, insurers and financial departments of Swiss companies is fierce. Anyone interested in a job in the financial sector, should therefore rely on insider knowledge.

How to apply for jobs in the financial sectorAllen doomsayers Search Swiss employer in the financial sector a greater sense of career hungry professional people. The major Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse , as well as the insurance group Axa themselves specialists such as credit and store consultants, planners and experts.

Not boast with Career Awards

But depending on whether it is a job as a specialist or generalist, the application process is extremely challenging. “Nothing felt recruiters shock friendly than candidates who boast of career awards, but can not get to the point, the added value they can bring to the company,” says Iain Martin, CEO of IJ Martin & Co. Martin advises globally active managers – also of Swiss Market Index companies.

Letters often disadvantageous

While the service and product portfolio of the banks will be more extensive, there is simultaneously increasingly focused on niches specialized institutions. The practice shows that the documents of job aspirants and -Anwärtern in many cases make it impossible for the companies to make a quick decision on advancement or rejection of the application, so Martin.”Because they can not even sell the letter properly.”

Much literature Application – few pearls

The market for application literature is not so great for no reason. Hardly selection contrast, are found in German application books with a focus on investment banking, private equity, corporate finance and Co. The newly released, completely revised edition of “The Finance application” could help.. A career-magazine writes: “No one should apply at McKinsey & Co., without having read this book.”

Train Application Interview advance

“Train The application interview again ‘, also recommends consultant Iain Martin. Especially executives who were not interviewed for years, should practice this situation. His tip: One minute “short stories” to tell about every success in the career. According to the pattern PALT: Problem – Analysis – Solution – Triumph. “For each case, you should have at hand a longer version of the story,” says Martin.