Teachers are the backbone of our society for they are in charge of training a whole generation of young minds who represent the future. Acting as a beacon, teachers are not only responsible for imparting education, but also for imbibing values and principles.

Therefore, a teacher should not only have an impressive academic record to recommend him, but also possess an unimpeachable character, sense of dedicated passion for his vocation and a genuine interest in helping and inspiring those who are under his charge. However, it is also important to realize that not everyone is cut out for being a teacher just because he holds a great academic achievement certificates. It needs a special flair.

Teachers Resume

Key skills for Teachers Resume

  • Good academic background
  • Flair to teach; share knowledge
  • Be open to learn new things along with teaching
  • Ability to satisfy intelligent and inquisitive minds

Teacher Resumes Format

Your resume is the document that should in a clear and concise manner convey your potential to become a good teacher. For this, you need not so much have a sound academic background and maybe a great work experience but you must have an ability to reach out to the students and inspire them to learn and imbibe knowledge.

Begin by mentioning your:

  1. Name
  2. DoB
  3. Contact address

Teachers Resume

An important section of a teacher resume is the segment that deals with your academic qualification. Give a list of your academic performance in a tabular form and in the descending order, beginning with your latest records and going on to mention right up to your school results.

Once you have done this, give an account of the extra-curricular activities you have participated in and also cite if you have picked up any degree or diploma while pursuing an area of interest such as singing, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments etc. If you have a flair for any sports or games, highlight that point. Also mention the seminars and workshops that you have attended during your academic career.

Next comes the section for work experience. If you are a new job aspirant, then your rsum must not exceed a maximum of one page to highlight your academic achievements, brief mention of co-curricular activities, seminars and workshops you have attended, and how you propose to make an impact if you are selected for the post.

Teachers Resume

If you have previous experience as a teacher, then you would need two or two and a half pages to convey in a clear manner about your achievements and contribution in the classroom in particular and to the school in general. However, the emphasis must be in giving an honest and brief account of what you have done in your earlier stints and not indulging in self-congratulatory prose.


A good teacher inspires his students who spend a considerable part of their impressionable lifetime with him. Therefore, conclude your resume by writing a few lines to outline your aim of life, and vision as a teacher. This should honestly and effectively convey your sense of understanding and dedication for your vocation.