To prove teamwork, is to profitably with the team to communicate and to work constructively with others.

Teamwork does not just subordinate in a team to the other members and make it all right. If Teamwork is about to achieve the common objectives as quickly and possible.

Teamwork not only distinguished by the fact that you personally get along well with colleagues, but also by the fact that you can work constructively with them.

This includes, contribute their own proposals and to verfolgen- but not at any price. Ultimately, the success of a team is the benchmark of whether a team works well together, and not the good mood of the team members.In a bad working atmosphere, however, the motivation is often low.

Each team member is responsible for both the success and the atmosphere in the team. Important respectful interaction among themselves.

Many companies see themselves as “a team”. But what resounds as sonorous slogan in the executive suite and sounds for an intact world of work often does not correspond to the lived reality in their daily work. If several people with different characters meet, teamwork can be difficult.

Working together, consider compromises and partially reject projects to start from the front or pursue other ways can be very intense and stressful. Frustration and lack of criticism of individual team members then lead quickly to the fact that the mood within the team deteriorated.

Among turn forwards the total power.

Teamwork and other soft skills

In almost every team there are hierarchies. The concept of teamwork is why on the one hand that you can you integrate into a team. On the other hand, it may also mean that you anführst a team. But you should be able to represent your own opinion, to get to his feet without all the others.

Teamwork is always closely linked with other soft skills, such as self-confidence and critical faculties.

For good teamwork is often conflict management asked to solve problems, to deal with failures and learn from them. A good assessment of ability of the situation and the respectful treatment of colleagues and fellow distinguishes real teamwork.

There is the theory that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. Accordingly, all team members should be on each night and be mutually supportive.

Documents your team spirit

In one application , some employers evaluate membership in a team sport club as a sign of team spirit. Football, handball or volleyball lead to the assumption that you feel comfortable in a group and can follow along with your team goals.

But not just team sports show teamwork: Belonging to clubs, project work with different people or simply group work is equally well suited to put his team skills to the test.

Teamwork – Are you really a team player?

Teamwork skills

Teamwork is now required in many job postings. But what’s behind the term? In fact, many people have difficulty finding a definition, if they are even asked.

Finally, there is no school subject called “team spirit” and the parents do not bring one under this name mostly at. We explain what is behind it, how you present yourself in your application convincingly as a team and how to train them.

What does a team in order to function?

But just when so many different people meet, they must bring a basic team skills to work with each other.Therefore, it can be broken down into six basic skills, which determine the degree of team spirit together.Try your hand at some himself:

Common goal orientation:

They have to believe fundamentally that the teamwork is useful both for your colleagues as well as for yourself, great development potential poses and leads to optimum results.


Only someone who brings to the team, it can enrich. You should bring sufficient self-confidence to speak in the group to present their ideas and to represent your opinion constructively.

At the same time you should also be humble enough to embark on this experience to personally develop and draw important conclusions for your personal and professional development.


In Team Your ideas will certainly skipped once or your opinion is “outbid” by the other.You have to deal professionally with such criticism.

Because if the members are emotional, are offended or continue the conflict elsewhere, a team can not function in the long term. At worst, then you have even eventually a mediator to intervene.

Communication skills:

In order to avoid such conflicts, you need a high level of communication skills. You need to give professional feedback, praise, criticize, and to listen.


Listening in turn is only effective if you respond to what has been said also. Do not hold stubbornly to your opinion. Yielding and find a compromise is not only approved, but at the teamwork even necessary.


Finally, you should reflect the daily teamwork regularly. How is your relationship with your colleagues? How was the meeting? What could make you better? Where there are difficulties in the team? What are your weaknesses? Points to own, work in pairs or as a team?

If you master these six capabilities fundamentally, you can already call good conscience as a team.

What are “Team Roles” and what is it?

Now it is time to consider what role you actually take the team. In the following examples, it is automatically and unconsciously usually go to a section classical roles, in which members of a social group. This is the case not only, but also in a team. So for example, there

  • a bookmaker which active, fast and planned charging the target, as well but also team members “overruns”.
  • a leader who indeed donates orientation, but sometimes can also be domineering, demanding or impatient.
  • the auditor who strives with all results for perfection, yet sometimes you lose the fun out of sight.
  • its counterpart, the Jester, which creates a good atmosphere, the group by their lack of commitment but is staying now and then.
  • brings the creative head and lateral thinkers, good impulses, but this does not always remain realistic.
  • the auxiliary Prepare, would like to support what tirelessly other team members and thereby quickly too much work takes upon himself.

There are numerous other team roles, but you can already see: Each role brings their benefits but also their difficulties. It is therefore quite reasonable to regularly review its role in the team and work on his weaknesses.

Why teamwork is so unloved?

It is sometimes these roles, which also represents the biggest problem of group work. While some team members are very diligent, others can laze a bit and still reap the laurels at the end with the entire team.

This so-called “Ringelmann effect” resulting in most teams sooner or later to internal conflicts. Employees who aspire to a career, then opt instead for the lone, so their performance is at least perceived, and you can work more efficiently and faster.

Then it’s not too long before you draw the envy of your team members to be, because you obviously be “the boss einschleimen want”. A capable team leader must suchconflicts therefore identify and resolve early .

Regular feedback meetings should give the feeling to the individual members also that not only the team, but also the individual performances are well perceived and evaluated. Fairness is the teamwork, the A and O. That’s just, unfortunately, in practice usually easier said than done …

Good news for last: team skills you can learn

It is a common misconception that teamwork is an innate trait or even a talent that you have issued or not.Teamwork is a competence which you can learn as well as mathematics or a foreign language.

Of course there will also be people whom it is easier for and others that are more difficult to do so.

Nevertheless: In principle, learn teamwork each person. You can prove this a skills training, make a further, join a sports team, a community college course visit and much more.

At the same time each team must also be set up as a whole. It then is the so-called “team building “. This sounds drier than it is in reality: teamwork and team building can be most effectively promoted with exciting